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How to Retire in Thailand for less than 2.5 million Baht

2.5 million baht = $69,903 / £48,908 / $98,281 (AUS)

Are you one of the millions of middle aged people from the western world working hard just to keep your head above water every month???

Working 50 weeks a year in a job you have long fallen out of love with, budgeting all year just so you can at least spend 2 weeks on holiday somewhere nice???

If so, the idea of living the rest of your life in a warm vibrant city or resort town that welcomes foreigners with a smile, must sound more like a dream than reality but the city of Pattaya on Thailand’s eastern seaboard might just have the answer to all your prayers.

Over the last 7 years there has been an influx of westerners turning their back on their home countries, and making the decision to start living their dreams.

The Western World is littered with people that are “asset rich but cash poor”.

So many people reach the age where they own their own homes outright. The trouble is, in order to keep living in their home countries they still have to work full time to pay for their lives.

Even if you no longer have rent or mortgage payments you still have to run your car, pay your insurance, feed your selves etc, this generally means you just keep on working.

What makes Pattaya so special????

Pattaya is Thailand’s Number 1 beachside resort with many foreigners having settled here already.

Due to the influx of so many tourists and foreigners Pattaya has developed into a thriving multicultural city, you can live here without giving up any of your home comforts. Pattaya is home to 5 star restaurants, hotels and hospitals, Pattaya also hosts numerous international events throughout the year.

You can literally enjoy all the first world facilities that you have become accustomed to but at a fraction of the cost. This means that you can maintain your current lifestyle or probably even improve it, without having to work anymore.

So, If you are a homeowner, you may be sitting on a huge investment opportunity that could be your ticket to retirement in beautiful sunny Thailand.

If like many people, you own your own home but struggle to cover the cost of living you may interested to hear that the capital in your home could be making you fixed returns of 10% if invested properly without ever touching your initial investment.

Making the correct investment!

There is a unique investment opportunity from a company called New Nordic in Pattaya.

New Nordic are open to private investors, and they have set up their company in such a way that they have successfully offered and paid investors fixed returns of 10% per annum for over 7 years now.

The numbers of westerners choosing to retire outside of their home countries continues to grow, as the cost of living becomes insurmountable even when owning a car and home outright.

Much of the population struggles to make ends meat, in unfulfilling endeavors and in less than desirable climates.

Overworked and underpaid, with very little to show for it many are now choosing an easier way of life with many rewards in beautiful Thailand.

This idea of not just struggling to maintain a lifestyle, but to improve it is much more achievable than most people think

Retirement in Pattaya and surrounding areas is not only affordable, (55.16% lower than living in a city like New York!)it is also extremely safe, friendly and beautiful.

The city has 5 star hotels and restaurants, and hosts many international events. Hospitals have been ranked on par with many western institutions.

All the first world comforts are available, and at a fraction of the price.

The cost of living in areas like Pattaya is very affordable, especially in comparison to it’s western living counterpoint.

So here is how you can retire in Thailand on 2.5mb.

Going back to New Nordic, if you invest 2,500,000 Baht you will receive yearly returns of 250,000 Baht just over20,000 Baht per month,


A monthly budget of 20,000 Baht is more than enough to live a very comfortable life. A budget that can be fully taken care of in conjunction with investing in a company like Nordic by using something you already own, to make you a regular dependable income in a beautiful country.

Please note that just because New Nordic is in Pattaya it doesn’t mean that you have live in Pattaya or to even have been to Pattaya to invest, 40% of their investors have never been to Thailand. It is just a good guaranteed return on a secured investment.

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