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3/27/2016 07:57:00 pm
James Crook
A man from Burton has gone missing from his hotel in Pattaya.

James Crook, from Burton, was last seen on Thursday, March 24, at his hotel LK Royal Wing in Pattaya, Thailand.

The 26-year-old contacted his sister Ellie Crook, on Thursday asking for help.

The executive chef who works on cruise liners was on holiday when he went missing.

Ellie, 31, who lives in Walsall, said: "He stated his room at the LK Royal Wing, Pattaya, had been broken in to and he had been attacked by a group of men.

Eleanor Rachael Crook and from the Insomnia page;

MISSING. IF YOU SEE JAMES CROOK, please contact me on here or the pattaya tourist police. He was very disoriented at last point of conversation and I am seriously concerned about him safety.

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"He is very disoriented and claims that people are after him. He is now not reading any of his messages on here.

He was last online on messenger 5 hours ago. No one has seen or actually spoken to him since Thursday, when he was begging for help from the Pattaya Tourist Police. 

He has now been registered as an international missing person by UK police and we are awaiting an update from Interpol. 

Please James, if you can contact any of your family or friends and just let us know you're safe, or where you are and we will come and bring you home"

"He said that they had shone laser pens in his eyes and then sprayed him with a gas. He begged me to contact Pattaya Tourist police.

"By the time the tourist police arrived at the hotel, James had checked out.

"He has not been seen since. We are extremely concerned for his safety, please help us find him."

Mr Crook has now been registered as an international missing person and police are appealing for anyone with any information to come forward.

UPDATE 27 March 2016:

A Burton man who went missing from his hotel in Thailand has been found safe and well.

James Crook, 26, from Outwoods Street in Burton, had last been seen on Thursday, March 24, at his hotel LK Royal Wing in Pattaya, Thailand and was registered as an international missing person.

But after three days of searching, the British embassy tracked him down in Dubai and he is now being flown home.

However, Mr Crook has been found without any of his belongings and police are trying to ascertain what has happened.

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