Tuesday, 15 March 2016

3/15/2016 04:46:00 pm

PATTAYA: A Russian tourist was viciously stabbed in an apparent road rage incident in Pattaya in the early hours of Wednesday morning while the alleged assailant was "arrested" by onlookers.

The tourist was slashed across the stomach with a fruit knife after a local man said he was cut up on a motorbike and a violent argument began in front of shocked bystanders.

Fortunately for the victim, who suffered a ten centimetre gash, the incident happened in front of the Pattaya City Hospital. Onlookers took the man to hospital and managed to make a citizen's arrest of the assailant until police arrived.

Doctors at the hospital said that the Russian was out of danger.

A police team led by Pallop Ringrot rushed to the scene just after midnight following reports of a confrontation between two sets of men, one pair Russian the other Thai. They found a Thai man detained by good samaritans in front of the hospital along with a fruit paring knife.

Investigation revealed that the Russians were out for a drive around town to see the sights when two local men pulled alongside them. The alleged assailant, 20 year old Wanchana Tulathong said that their motorcycle was cut up by the tourists and an argument ensued. Another man on the bike managed to escape before police arrived.

Police detained Wanchana for further questioning.

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