Monday, 28 March 2016

3/28/2016 04:19:00 pm
A stunning former Thai adult movie star and model has finally admitted to shocked fans that she married a foreigner.

"Nong Nat" Ketsarin Chaichaleamphol, posted the evidence of the marriage on her Facebook page along with pictures of the lucky man called Harold.

The page shows pictures of the couple together in a variety of holiday style snaps as well as raunchy pictures from the model's saucy past.

Talking of the relationship Nong Nat said that the man had always stuck by her through thick and thin. "He is always there for me", she said, "and understands me." Nong Nat also went on to post that she had received other proposals but was definitely already spoken for.

To prove this she posted a picture of her marriage certificate obtained at Bang Khen, in Bangkok some four years ago. She asked fans to ignore the fact there was a discrepancy in the name on the certificate as she had had a name change.

"I wanted to assure my fans that everything is OK. My husband has been at my side throughout," added the buxom and shapely beauty whilst praising Harold, whose age was not given though he appeared somewhat older than the young woman.

Aged Harold and Thai porn queen to have a baby in latest 'soap opera' twist

Following the announcement of the marriage of Harold and porn starlet "Nong Nat" last week comes the news that the US man and his curvaceous Thai wife are going to have a baby.

But it will not be conceived naturally; the couple - who are many years apart in age - are looking at IV treatment with Nong Nat saying she wants a boy or twins.

In the latest in the saga reminiscent of a Channel 7 prime time soap, Nong Nat told followers on her Facebook page that she is desperate to have a kid.

The couple have already been married four years with no child coming from the union.

"We have talked to a doctor about having a kid," said Nong Nat on the Natkejsarin Chaichaleamphol page amid photos of her sporting a pink bikini and holiday snaps with a grinning Harold.

"We will go for IV treatment or what is called a test-tube baby. I want to have a boy or even twins.

"My darling husband has arranged everything contacting two doctors at the Cliffland Clinic in Ohio, one of the top five hospitals in the States," added an excited Nong Nat.

Harold, full name Harold Jennings Nesland Junior, a businessman originally from Washington state, has arranged everything, said Nat, advising her thousands of fans that more news is expected after the middle of April.

"I want to thank my husband for giving me everything I want," she added admiringly without being specific.

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