Sunday, 13 March 2016

3/13/2016 10:51:00 pm

A young Brit today claimed he was sexually assaulted by an older Thai man who provided him with free accommodation during his travels.

24-year-old William James filed a complaint of sexual assault on Sunday morning at Bang Phli Police Station telling officers he was wakened at 5am with his host performing oral sex on him.

Through an interpreter the tourist told Police Captain Kittiphon Phonladet he arrived in Thailand in early February and spent the night at the home of a Thai man he had spoken with online following a search for cheap accommodation.

The unnamed Thai man, 39, offered the young Englishman a free overnight stay at his home in Samut Prakan as he was only here a short time. An offer the backpacker accepted.

After one uneventful night in Thailand he headed to Burma where he spent several weeks traveling.

Upon his return to Thailand Mr James again called upon his generous host for another night of free lodgings, however, when he arrived in Samut Prakan all the rooms were full but was told he could share a room with his host. Again, he accepted the offer.

He told police the pair then went out for a night on the town and returned home by taxi in the early hours of Sunday morning and went to sleep.

He claimed he wakened from his drunken slumber at around 5am with the Thai man giving him head. He said he pushed him away and ran from the house asking security in the housing complex for help contacting the tourist police.

During questioning, the home owner denied any wrong doing saying he did not perform any sexual acts on the Brit.

Police told the pair they must submit samples for DNA testing at the hospital for their investigation to proceed.

Moral Of The Story: Pay $10 and stay in some hovel on KSR

Three Bars Raided in North Pattaya and Pratumnak Area..!!

In the early hours of Sunday morning Naval Officers conducted raids in Pratumnak and North Pattaya

On Sunday 13th March at 1:30 am Navy Lieutenant Porasit Chitramwong as ordered by District Chief Chakorn Kanchanwatta conducted a series of raids on late closing bars in Pattaya.

First to fall foul of the raids was The Viper Bar on Pratumnak Soi 4. The Viper Bar was found to be still open and still selling alcohol past the legal bar closing hours.

A Swedish run bar in Naklua was also caught up in the late closing net with the added penalty of selling the now banned Shisha and allowing patrons to smoke on the premises.

The biggest haul of the night came when officers raided The Easy Enjoy Bar in North Pattaya and found not only Shisha pipes being smoked on the premises but five smuggled and un-taxed bottles of alcohol hidden in a hard to access area at the rear of the premises. Khun Supansa Singh Thom, the 27 year old owner claimed the bottles were for the personal use at an upcoming birthday celebration of high ranking police officers.

The names of all three bars have been submitted to the Governor of Chonburi, Khun Komsan Ekkachai for closure.

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