Saturday, 26 March 2016

3/26/2016 05:13:00 pm

A new initiative which sees officers from Samranrat police station patrolling the streets of Bangkok on bicycles and a tricycle in order to clear sois and side alleys of trash and other debris has been widely praised local residents.

The new initiative called the ‘Clear the Road’ patrol has received many positive comments from people after officers from the Traffic Police Commander Region 2 posted it about it on their Facebook page.


The purpose of the Clear the Road patrol is to remove any debris or rubbish which may be blocking access to the sois and obstructing sidewalks in the area near Samranrat police station.

Pol. Lt. Col. Somkasem Jarak, Deputy Superintendent of Traffic Control Division, Samranrat Police Station, told reporters that his officers have been doing similar work clearing obstacles from the road for sometime. However, more recently it was decided to introduce the tricycle to the patrol as officers were not always able to clear all the debris from the road.


Speaking of the tricycle, the superintendent said: “It’s very useful and convenient. The small size of the bike can access any small or narrow alley while the cart box attached can carry articles seized back to the station”.

The superintendent added that the officers who take part in the patrol also benefit from exercising when riding the bikes.

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