Monday, 4 April 2016

4/04/2016 05:41:00 pm

The body of an unidentified man believed to be an Indian national was found stuffed into a suitcase thrown into Khlong Ong Ang in Phra Nakhon district on Sunday afternoon.

Officers from Samranrat Police Station made the horrifying discovery after they opened a suitcase that had been thrown into Ong Ang canal in Phra Nakhon district at 17:30. 

When they arrived at the scene located about 20 metres from Samranrat intersection and opened the suitcase, they found the human dismembered remains of an unidentified national.

The body had previously been discovered by a worker at an ice factory near the canal. Acting Bangkok police chief Sanit Mahathaworn said an initial examination by police physicians indicated that the man had been murdered and had been dead for at least three days. The victim had multiple wounds caused by being hit with a hard object all over his body. The injuries to his head and neck were thought to have been the fatal blows.

The man was of Asian descent and about 150-160 cm tall. Medical staff estimated him to be around 50 years at the time of his death. No identification documents could be found,

He was wearing only underwear, but police found several items of clothing in the bag. Pol Lt Gen Sanit said Samranrat Police Station and officers at the MPB’s Division 6 and Central Investigation Bureau will work together to try to identify the man and find the culprits.

A source close to the investigation said several items found in the bag indicated the man was likely an Indian national. Police theorise the victim was tortured for information before being killed and his body dumped in the canal. A business conflict may have been behind the murder.

Samranrat Police Station is currently investigating the case.

Soutce: T News

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