Friday, 1 April 2016

4/01/2016 02:42:00 pm
A 47-year-old rubber tapper has been arrested for allegedly raping his mother at their house in Huai Yot district and threatening to kill her if she told anyone else about it.

Anucha Khunpichai was apprehended at an oil palm plantation in Huai Yot district on Thursday, taken to the district police station and charged with rape and sexual assault.

Mr Anucha denied all charges and acted innocent during police questioning.

His arrest followed a complaint by his 62-year-old mother, La-ong Khongpon, that her son had raped her at their grocery shop in Huai Yot district about 4am on Thursday. The assault allegedly occurred shortly after she opened the premises.

Two early customers had just left when she saw her son standing in front of the shop. Mr Anucha, who was drunk, then walked over and grabbed and dragged her to her bedroom, where he raped her, she alleged.

The mother said she resisted and shouted for help, but nobody heard. She and her son lived alone in the shophouse. Her son threatened to kill her if she continued to shout, Mrs La-ong said. She feared for her life as there was a gun, and knives, in their house.

Mrs La-ong told police that after being raped she forced herself to calm down and told her son to go out tapping latex as usual. Her son showed no remorse for his action, and even asked when she would have sex with him again, the woman said.

She had convinced him that she would not tell anyone what he had done and he later went off to work at a rubber plantation.

The woman said her son’s conduct changed whenever he became drunk. She had earlier caught him watching her taking a bath. He had two wives previously, but they each left.

Police said that after raping his mother he fled the house and hid in an oil palm plantation, where he was caught.

Police took the woman for a medical examination. Her son was held in police custody.

Source: Bangkok Post

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