Tuesday, 5 April 2016

4/05/2016 05:59:00 pm

Thais are at risk of suffering from chronic kidney diseases because they have the habit of adding food seasoning such as fish sauce, soybean sauce and shrimp paste to add flavours to their food.

Dr Surasak Kantachuvetsiri, a lecturer at the medical science faculty of Ramathibodi hospital, Mahidol university, disclosed Monday that Thais consume an average of 10.8 grammes of salt per day compared to the World Health’s standard rate of five grammes.

Too much eating of salt which is found in five popular food seasoning items preferred by Thais will cause the kidney to work harder and can lead to kidney diseases requiring dialysis, said the doctor, adding that the number of patients requiring dialysis has increased about 15 percent annually.

People with chronic kidney diseases are 20 times more vulnerable to death than normal people, he added.

Dr Asdang Ruay-archin, deputy director-general of Diseases Control Department, said that too much eating of salty food might lead to high blood pressure, heart diseases and kidney diseases.

He stressed the need of a campaign to urge Thai people to east less salty food.

Source: PBS

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