Friday, 10 March 2017

3/10/2017 05:53:00 pm
Former sex queen Nat Ketsarin Nong Nat 

married an old farang millionaire Harold 

said that the relationship is all but over.

Thai porn star, 31, who married elderly American millionaire after turning to Buddhism gets a divorce and plans boob job to make a career comeback.

Now she is going back into the sex industry to make ends meet. And with that in mind she is having her breasts upgraded.

Harold Nesland may never see those at close quarters again after the couple's romance looks over. It all looked to be going so well when they announced their surprise wedding last year.

But recently things went sour and Nat removed many images of her and Harold from her online page.

Nat has asked for a divorce but so far Harold - a wealthy American from Washington state - has said no. Now Nat is hoping he will make the next move and initiate divorce proceedings.

In the meantime she is trying to resurrect her porn career. She did a steamy shower scene on Facebook and though she was roundly criticized her 40,000 normal followers showed a bit of an increase as she revealed some more flesh.

Nat played down the show saying it was part of a magazine deal. But she is keen to go back into the porn business that she loves. Though she said it won't be hard core.

With this in mind she has decided to have her mammaries reshaped. She said size was not a problem - they just needed a bit of servicing so she looks good on camera.

She plans to go under the knife on March 14th.

Yesterday she was interviewed on Channel 8 entertainment channel.

REMEMBER a few months ago: Porn legend 'Nong Nat' 

announces marriage to older farang 'Harold'

Saucy Thai adult movie star admits to marrying 'Harold' the farang.
A stunning former Thai adult movie star and model has finally admitted to shocked fans that she married a foreigner.

"Nong Nat" Ketsarin Chaichaleamphol, posted the evidence of the marriage on her Facebook page along with pictures of the lucky man called Harold.

The page shows pictures of the couple together in a variety of holiday style snaps as well as raunchy pictures from the model's saucy past.

Talking of the relationship Nong Nat said that the man had always stuck by her through thick and thin. "He is always there for me", she said, "and understands me." Nong Nat also went on to post that she had received other proposals but was definitely already spoken for.

To prove this she posted a picture of her marriage certificate obtained at Bang Khen, in Bangkok some four years ago. She asked fans to ignore the fact there was a discrepancy in the name on the certificate as she had had a name change.

"I wanted to assure my fans that everything is OK. My husband has been at my side throughout," added the buxom and shapely beauty whilst praising Harold, whose age was not given though he appeared somewhat older than the young woman.

Former Thai sex star "Nong Nat" who married Harold the 

aging American businessman, is reportedly at his bedside in a 

hospital ICU.

"He was stubborn. He thought he would never get sick. He caught a cold giving me a goodnight kiss".

Source: Daily Mail

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