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While Thailand is still brazenly promoting itself as a medical hub in which unfortunately medical tourists have even died after botched operations, and more recently has been attempting, through sniggers, to promote itself as an education hub, one title it is sure not to lose is as the No 1 ‘Hub for Fraud’.

In this respect, its second-tier title as ‘Yacht Building Hub’ is now rapidly going down the pan. No, it never was a boat building hub, just a place where fraudsters said boats could be built beautifully at knock-down prices. The latest contender in this field is Italian Luigi Innamorati.

He operated out of Pattaya and swindled millions of dollars out of customers by simply demanding fees of up to 90 per cent in advance. He was simply unable or unwilling to build a boat which would pass any safety inspection.

His trick was to have a website and a yard which looked like it was building professional boats but he failed to deliver and, when owners complained, he would fly into a Latino rage demanding even more money if the customer ever wanted to see a boat.  And he would tell customers to sue him.

Irate customers took the matter to the Department of Special Investigation whose officers hummed and hawed, admitted that this was disgraceful and giving Thailand a bad name, and then conducted a raid on Bianchetti’s premises.

Removed report

Reports of this raid were carried in the local press. But they soon disappeared. Website stories can be taken down after threats. But, of course, this is Thailand, and I know at least one of the news websites removed the story of his arrest for financial reward.

The bravado of the DSI was just that. I would not pin any high hopes on the DSI helping foreigners who have been defrauded in Thailand. And Thai police laugh off complaints telling victims they must bring civil actions.

Bianchetti had many of those and he just disappeared. But he had nothing in his company bank accounts to seize.

It was left to Luigi Innamorati, CEO of the Andaman Boatyard Co. Ltd and Siam Cat to take off where Raoul left off.  This was a merely formality as they had both been wheeling and dealing together for some time.

So here we go again. I have been talking to Luigi’s victims. And Luigi has been using the same modus operandum as Raoul. 

His boatyard is at 111/4 Moo1 Na Jomtien Soi right next to Jomtien Boatyard. But its closed now and Luigi is living in rented accommodation, perhaps preparing for the ‘big offski’.  

His victims include wealthy Americans, Chinese, French, Dutch and there is even a famous Italian restauranteur on the list.
He has been taken to civil court by one of his clients and the court ruled against him. 

Further the contents of his company account have been seized.  But alas, as expected, Luigi did not put his boat income through his boat company.  That would be too obvious and rather silly if you were committing a fraud. So all the creditors found was the equivalent of about US$6000.

Luigi was rather short on receipts for such things as buying engines, sails, and boat fittings.

He is in court appealing the courts earlier decision at the end of this month. The victims are counter-appealing and moving to declare his company bankrupt. It is majority owned by his Thai wife Panarat Kaewkunha.

To get to this stage it has taken several years and probably only got to the courts because people who can afford to buy luxury yachts usually have a bit of extra cash to sue if they are cheated.
It seems unlikely that the victims will get their cash. But as one of them said: “It’s no longer all about the money. It’s about exposing a thief.  It’s about warning potential future victims of Luigi Innamorati”

For a much fuller version of how the yacht scams work go to this link below to a story about Raoul Bianchetti. 



Fresh from our report on scamming Italian boat builder Luigi Innamorati news has come in about the latest antics of his mentorRaoul Bianchetti.  

Bianchetti’s frauds were ignored for years by the Pattaya police and media but when the pressure became too great from the victims, and perhaps a little also from reports here, he hot-footed it back to Italy with his Thai girlfriend Pui -  Kanchanok Chummongkon, from Mae Chan, Chiang Mai.

Pattaya Police and the Department of Special Investigation both failed to make cases against him in Thailand, despite a well-publicised raid and damning statement by the DSI. (Reports of the raid were later deleted from the websites of the Pattaya media)

 Bianchetti was after all just another foreigner cheating other foreigners.  But now it seems the interest has been revived.

So much so that arrest warrants have been issued for them both for fraud. Letters have gone off to the Anti-Money Laundering Office, the Foreign Affairs Division of the Thai Police (the local Interpol office) and the Italian Ambassador.

It seems that Bianchetti has taken 140 million baht off a Thai national – and he’s done it from Italy!

Bianchetti had befriended Piyachart Srichandra, also known as ‘Pi Too’ during his years in Pattaya and on arrival in Italy struck on another way to make load of money – by selling yachts to Thailand’s new monied class under the new military government. 

 And I am more than guessing that nowadays there are a few generals now with much money to spend. Pi Too became his partner in the project.

Bianchetti’s idea was sound. He set about buying luxury yachts rom bankruptcies, often from banks, at knockdown prices. 

According to my source: “A typical yacht would be purchased at 240,000 euros. - after which it would be cleaned-up, polished and maybe some minor repairs done. Next, they would wrap the thing in plastic and ship it to Singapore. There, the yacht would hit the water and then it would be steamed up to Ocean Marina in Jomtien, Thailand. Pi Too would have pre-arranged a sale of the vessel at the price of 2.4 million euros or thereabouts. – Well, two such deals were done without any hick-ups and everyone involved made a lot of money.
'Come in 27. Your time is up'

 “The names of these first 2 yachts are: “Warren” & “Nr One”. However, when it was time to send boat # 3 (“Touchstone”) to Thailand, Mr. Bianchetti chose to repeat his infamous “Modus Operandi” and refused to send this boat out of Italy. Thus, his hitherto closest of friends (Pi Too) suddenly discovered the true side of Mr. Bianchetti & his poisonous girlfriend.”
Pi Too, boss of the Bangkok Carnival Company and Revolution Films had paid the cash for the boat up front.

Pattaya Police have been stirred on to seek the cancellation of the passport of Pui and to also ask the Italian Embassy to pass on the request to the Italian immigration authorities to cancel her Italian visa.

Thailand has no extradition treaty with Italy as far as I can see. Besides, the Thai authorities are not very good at preparing the legal documents for extradition cases anyway. Further they have had a reputation in the past of seeking the return of people whom they have trouble with politically, so their cases often look like they are sulking.

But if Thailand has some Italian the Italian police want urgently strange things can happen.

And some of the foreign victims of Bianchetti seem to be a lot more cheerful than they were recently and they seem optimistic that Bianchetti will get his Tiramisu.  But then again they were optimistic last year.
As for Luigi, well he is shouting from the rooftops that he will be suing victims for ‘30 million’ for talking to me. But he is not too worried, he says, ‘as this site cannot be seen in Asia.’
Nice to know Luigi has a VPN.

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