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Useful information for a great Thailand holiday - Guide for your stay in this tropical country - Holiday in Thailand information, the land of the smiles in the Far East of Asian.
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Holiday in Pattaya, Thailand

The Thailand locals and the Thai people in them beautiful country.

Thai people in Thailand.

About the people.

General information about the Thais in them country. The Thai people in the Kingdom. Thai people are conservative and modest people. They are often happy, lucky and fun loving people. They are strong minded and proud people with a spirit of fighting. Thai struggled for many centuries to retain their independence.

The country is official know as the Kingdom of Thailand (the land of the free), formerly known as Siam. Thailand has never been colonized by a foreign power!!

Thailand and the locals in Thailand.

The Kingdom and his great people.
Thailand becomes a modernized country influenced by foreign cultures. It retains its own unique traditional values and the different lifestyles. The spirit of the Thai culture dominant remains through the country. Thai people are often friendly people, many smile at you. The most of the times, Thai people look at you, if your eyes meet and you give a smile, then the Thais smile back. The people always give you a friendly warm smile, if you smile first. Famous Thai Wai in Thailand

Thai people are gentle people and to be innocent. Thai men are often very feminine, this is fully accepted by all people. Teenagers dress in rock punk style, but under their arm carry a teddy bear. Thai have an innocent sense of humor. When they laugh it's a not a manly macho laugh but a sweet giggle rather. What they laugh at is even more innocent. Thai people find themselves in an unpleasant or very stressful situation they will also smile and laugh.

The famous nightlife in Pattaya
Pattaya by night

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