Thursday, 25 February 2016

2/25/2016 08:00:00 am
Officers of Uttaradit Provincial Police Station have confirmed the death of an Australian national found inside a hotel room in tambon Thait, Uttaradit province on February 23.

The body of 64-year-old Glendon Bernard Edwards was discovered naked in room 442 on 4th floor after police officers were informed by the owner of Grand Wana Hotel located on 208 Borom-At Rd at around 20:30 that day. He called after experiencing a decay scent coming from the room.

Medical officials estimated the man had been dead for over three days. An inspection of the hotel room did not come up with any signs of struggle or injuries on the body.

According to the hotel owner, Mr Edwards taught English to Mathayom students at a high school in Uttaradit and had rented the hotel room since July 2009.

The corpse was transferred to Buddhachinaraj Hospital for further examination.
Source: Matichon Online

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