Sunday, 6 March 2016

3/06/2016 07:46:00 pm
Nathan David House, RIP

With only 26 years, Mr Nathan David House born in South Carolina, has committed suicide inside his hotel room in Patong district, Phuket province on March 4. Thai language newspaper Thairath writes he apparently killed himself by taking an overdose of painkillers.

Police discovered the American one day later at around 14:30. Alongside with him, the officers found 615 Euro and 32,800 baht in cash. A hand-written suicide note with his full name, date and his last will also read: “I peacefully and painlessly ended my life. There was no foul play or coercion involved.”

According to his website ( ), which he had written on his suicide note, Mr House was an engineer, entrepreneur and student. He described himself as an “atheist and nihilist” and had struggled for several years with an urge to commit suicide.

Mr House’s suicidal ideation repeatedly brought him into several psychiatric hospitals where he was involuntarily held. He wrote a lengthy and detailed text on his mental story on his website .

The suicide note further contained clear instructions for how to use the cash, one of the biggest portions asked to be given to “police and/or hospital to cover the cost of their investigation (if any)”.

Source: Thairath

Albert Meier Ernst, RIP

Unusual circumstances resulted in the death of a 58-year-old Swiss man in his guesthouse on Tuesday afternoon in Pattaya, Thai TV channel Bright TV reported today.

At around 16:00, Mr Albert Meier Ernst, 58, left his room on Soi 12 Beach Road in Nong Prue, Bang Lamung district and took a seat in the guesthouse’s restaurant and ordered a noodle soup. While he was eating, he suddenly started to choke violently and grasped for air.

Hotel staff alerted police and rescue volunteers and tried to assist Mr Ernst but failed. When police officers of Pattaya District Police Station and medical staff arrived on the scene, the man had already died.

Police also questioned his 32-year-old girlfriend Janjira Sukbrung who was not with him during the incident. Said Mr Ernst had been suffering from chronic asthma.

The body of Mr Albert Meier Ernst has been sent to Police Hospital to verify the cause of death. The Swiss embassy in Bangkok has also been notified.

Source: Bright TV

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  1. -Are you a farang living in Thailand?
    -Are any of your property (condo, car, accounts) in the name of a thai lady or business partner?
    -Do you keep a lot of cash around the home?
    -Does you Thai partner know you have significant assets in Thailand that they, the banks and police can manipulate in their favour in the event of our death?

    If so, an accident can be arranged for you in the form of balcony fall, electrocution, drowning, suicide pills.