Tuesday, 8 March 2016

3/08/2016 05:04:00 pm

The friend and business partner of a Thai man who was found murdered in Cambodia has posted photos on Facebook showing his extraordinary wealth.

Mr Aroon Wongrak, part owner of the Pailin Flamingo Casino in Cambodia says he posted the photos in a bid to end speculation and rumours that he was involved in the murder of Somnuek Charunchirathian, 51, due a longstanding debt estimated to be around 30 million Baht.

The photos, which show Mr Aroon alongside a huge stack of cash, expensive imported cars and inside his luxury mansion, proves he was not involved the murder as he already has more than enough of his own money and would not need to kill someone over debts, he claimed.

Mr Aroon also asked people to stop calling him a suspect as the police have not taken any legal action against him over the killing of Mr Somnuek.

Police are so far yet to arrest anyone in connection with the murder and investigations remain ongoing.

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