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3/26/2016 05:04:00 am
Govt Wants Less Sex, More ‘Thainess’ for Motor Show Pretties

Following requests from the Culture Ministry asking models to cover up at the annual Bangkok Motor Show came a sensational sexy clip posted online yesterday.

The clip shows a famous bikini clad model and her male partner doing highly provocative moves in front of stunned patrons in the middle of the packed show. In the background as they reach a "climax" in their routine can be heard in English: "Oh yeah, give it to me!"

Social media went wild as the clip went viral with Thai netizens split into two camps about the clip, some positive some negative. Well known and respected social commentator Dr Seri Montha roundly criticised organisers of the show.

Last week Khun Weera the culture minister stressed that he was confident that his request to the organisers of the Bangkok Motor Show at Impact Muang Thong Thani would heed his request to have the "pretties" cover up and be more traditional. This seems to have fallen on deaf ears in the extreme.

In the clip famous buxom model "Cherry Sam Khok" dances provocatively with a male model. She undresses him as they embrace in front of shocked visitors to the show who can be heard "oohing and aahing." At one point the male model picks up the sexy star and wraps her body around his groin area. The show took place in a section of the show for selling audio accessories.

Comments on social media hit both ends of the cultural spectrum with one camp condemning the show as obscenity in public and the other as artistic expression with precise choreography.

Well known social commentator and presenter Dr Seri criticised the show. He said he felt sorry for the pretties at the event many of whom did not want to be associated with this behaviour but who felt obliged to work in order to get money to make a living. 

"If pretties dont work there someone else will just take their place," he said. In reference to the sexy clip posted he added: "The organisers should not think that all the visitors to the show are crazy about sex and want to see this kind of thing. They have been talking about this issue for years but this was something else not seen before."

Source: Khao Sod

UPDATE: Dirty Dancers Fined For Erotic Performance At Bangkok Motor Show

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