Sunday, 13 March 2016

3/13/2016 11:09:00 pm
A Frenchman caught red handed growing marijuana in Koh Samui on Sunday claimed the ten plants in his kitchen were for personal use.

Bo Phut police, however, thought differently and Jirou James Marcell Andy (sic), 50, was duly charged with production and possession and arrested. In addition to the plants a quantity of drug paraphernalia and other evidence was also seized.

Acting on a tip off tourist police and officers from Bo Phut led by investigator Surachet Hakpan surprised the Frenchman at his rented house in the northern beach area of the holiday island of Samui. Police suspect that he was selling drugs to tourists as well as the general public.

In his kitchen they found flower pots containing at least ten plants with specialist lighting apparatus used for growing the drugs indoors. He told officers that the drugs were for himself but this was rejected when several packets prepared for sale were also found in the house along with other drug materials.

He was charged with production and possession of a class 5 drug (marijuana) before being taken away for further questioning.

Source: Daily News

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