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‘George Anderssen’ had pulled off the coup of the century when, after being deported as an undesirable Herr Lars Jansson by the Royal Thai Immigration Police, he returned two years later under his new name to start an 'Immigration' advice website

His crime was not the worst in the world.

Just like Sean Tinsley, the Pattaya based British ‘Immigration Advisor’ currently appealing a six year jail sentence for an attack on teacher Adam Pickles, George as Lars Jansson had found a friendly consular official, who was happy to hand out long term visas for a price.

Tinsley had a man in the Thai consulate in Cardiff. Wales. George had a man at the Thai Consulate in Annerley Road, Brisbane, QLD, and this was William Dunn.

As a result packages of passports made their way from Express Service Sabai Co., Ltd,  to Australia via Malaysia, and came back. I am told, with entry stamps into Thailand as well.

Stickman, who also wrote about this said that the passports were suspicious because (for non-Australian citizens I presume) there were no in and out of Australia stamps.

In any case  there appears to have been no immediate knock-back to Australia and an investigation was seemingly only carried out in Thailand. 

Lars Jansson (George)  was fined 40,000 Thai baht and deported back to Scandinavia.

But he was back like a Phoenix two years later and William Dunn joined him in founding the new Thaivisa – which was to become and all-encompassing and successful forum with a massive readership.

William Dunn, as Dr.Patpong became an administrator and a moderator and he became something of a star who gave advice on visa issues elegantly.

The rise of was a tremendous achievement due not only to George but those around him, even if later it appeared that the behaviour some of them was questionable.

According to TV sources George spent an inordinate amount of time deleting all the references to Lars Jannson that he could find. But he did not delete them all.

He was paranoiac about people ‘stealing his money’ and there were frequent disagreements with those working with him  – often about his broken promises. Nothing too unusual about that in business.

George could hide his own name - but his wife was still registsred under her married name Jansson for those lucrative ad incomes in Hong Kong/

At the same time Thaivisa’s IT expert David Arthur was deported to Australian on child sexual abuse charges, and a few other moderators also took a dive, most recently Stein Dokset, a super-moderator, who was jailed last year for the murder of his Thai Thai  'wife' in Phuket and hiding her body.

But a final row between George and Dr. Patpong – William Dunn ended in blackmail threat.

Dunn was driven to so much fury that early in 2010 from the Thai Consulate in Brisbane he made an open threat to Anderssen to have him deported again.

What appears to have stirred him to rage is Anderssen’ continual failure to look after him financially, actually blocking him from the site and falsely promising the mods they would reap huge rewards when ThaiVisa went public.

“Your promises, as with all your promises are all shit. It is sad that you will again be deported persona non grata….You are a low life Lars. Your mods actually believe that public launch shit”.

He asked whether George would make 'that speech' from the IDP (Immigration Detention Prison) or the plane back to 'Scando' before take-off.

George wrote back threatening to expose Dunn as 'Binny the Bonker' and he copied the email to Dunn’s Thai wife Mai, also working with him at the consulate.

‘Binny the Bonker – Meet Bill Dunn bonking in Bangkok’

George had announced that he was preparing the definitive story. 

It would include sections on corruption, his deportation and confinement in the Immigration Detention Centre and under the Section Border Runs would include ‘My Honorary Consul friend in Australia with a photo gallery from his home and office.’

‘What do you think guys. I think this one will be some awesome reading and a great traffic generator! 
Please Advise

Kind Regards  George

The die was cast…..

Sources within ThaiVisa say this was followed through. George threatened to report the errant consul to the Australian tax authorities, said the source.

But it was not until last year that the consulate in Brisbane was closed down and a Dr. Patpong a great friend to many Australians in Thailand became a distant memory.

When his name disappeared from a thread was started – What happened to Dr. Patpong? It is clear from the comments that he was held in high regard.

But nobody was saying why – least of all George.

SBK, an administrator, super-moderator, and shareholder, who had started off on while a manager at the Blue Lotus resort on Koh Phangan, offered a reply.

SBK who is better known in Chiang Mai as American Democrat supporter Shana Kongmum, the managing editor of the Chiang Mai Mail,  announced that he had resigned due to ill health.

George may have fibbed to her of course - on ThaiVisa it seems the biggest fibbers can be not the punters but those that run the show.

But if SBK was fibbing - it was nothing in comparison to the massive deceits that the administrators carried out over the years.


Disclaimer:No credence or otherwise is attached to claims made against Mr. Dunn by George Anderssen.

Source: Andrew Drummond

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