Friday, 11 March 2016

3/11/2016 05:36:00 am
A 23 year old man is in police custody after he admitted to torturing his 7 year old step daughter.

The man, identified only as Mr Saran, is the son of a high ranking traffic police officer.

He was caught after the seven year old girl told her dad of the abuse, who then confronted her mother, his ex wife.

Police heard how the girl’s parents had been separated for five years and that his ex-wife was now married to Saran.

On March 4th the girl’s father received a call from her mother asking for money to help pay for medical bills for their daughter. They arranged to meet at a gas station so he could hand over the money. When the mother and father met, the little girl ran to her father telling him about the abuse.

The father then took the girl to be examined by a doctor who found that she was suffering serious injuries all over her body. Doctors found the girl’s tongue had been severely burnt and that she was suffering from heavy bruising on her right ear, arm and above her right eye.

The father then questioned his ex wife about the abuse who admitted that she knew her new husband had been beating her daughter and that every time she confronted him the abuse stopped but only temporarily.

When she discovered that her husband had burnt her daughter's tongue, it was the final straw and the mother contacted the Paveena Foundation, which offers support to female victims of abuse.

She said she didn’t immediately go to the police because she was worried about her father in law's power, with him being a high ranking policeman.

With the help of the Paveena Foundation, the police were contacted and arrested Saran who confessed to the abuse.

Saran is reported as saying: “I admit everything I have done to the girl. It is all because I am unable to control my temper”.

“I actually love this girl very much, as much as my own daughter and I have been taking very good care of her for 2 years. But, I have done it already and I will accept all punishments.”

Speaking to reporters, Mrs. Paveena Hongsakul, chair of the Paveena for Child and Women Foundation, said: “After I have received the complaint about the abuse, I ordered my staff to investigate this matter immediately and asked the police to take urgent action.

Mrs Paveena added that she will do all she can to ensure the suspect is given the toughest legal punishment possible for the crime which she described as “barbaric”.


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