Wednesday, 9 March 2016

3/09/2016 06:29:00 pm
The owners of Nana Plaza are set to make another round of major improvements and upgrades in the coming months with the most notable being a retractable roof.

A new LED sign over the entrance and another on the roof on the back section of the building have been proposed, new management offices are currently under construction with new roofing over Billboard and Bubbles to come in the next month.

There will also be improved lighting in the stairwells plus reinforced awnings around floor two and three to allow bars to place extra signage also on the to-do list.

The retractable roof is still in the planning stages with designs and costings being put together before it is rubber stamped, however, it is something the owners and tenants would like to see come to fruit and it’s my guess the Plaza will have a roof by the end of the year.

The trash area beside the back door to Hillary 4 will be walled off and ventilation added as it isn’t a pretty sight, or smell, for customers using the stairs or elevator.

The CCTV system is being upgraded to an all-new HD setup too with the old analogue cameras being gradually phased out.

With such a large investment from Nana Partners, anyone saying the Plaza is doomed needs to go have a word with themselves in a dark room.

Source: Stickboy

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