Wednesday, 16 March 2016

3/16/2016 10:48:00 pm
Photos which appear to show litter left by a group of Thai tourists at a popular tourist attraction in Switzerland have sparked outrage among netizens.

The photos were uploaded by a user of the Thai internet forum who claimed the rubbish was left by a group of Thai tourists at Rhine Falls.

“This is what a Thai tour group did while travelling in Switzerland. They brought containers of sticky rice and pork with them to eat and just left them there. Looks like they also brought the habit of dropping garbage with them too”, read the post.

Three boxes of rubbish can be seen in the photos along with Thai airways baggage tags. On the side of one box you can clearly see the words ‘Product of Thailand’.

The photos have since gone viral and the actions of the unnamed tourists have been widely criticised.

The group of tourists are reported to be from Thai Life Insurance PLC, who are in Switzerland for a corporate trip.

On Tuesday, a spokesperson for Thai Life Insurance took to social media to say that employees from the company were not responsible, instead blaming the coach driver for dumping the rubbish after the group had finished eating.

However, on Wednesday a representative from D D Journey Tour Service (2001) Co.Ltd., the company which organised the tour, said the coach driver was not responsible for dropping the rubbish and that they will ask the Swiss authorities to provide CCTV footage of the area to help determine who is responsible.

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