Wednesday, 13 April 2016

4/13/2016 04:50:00 pm
Songkran road fatalities nearly double 2015 after 2 days.

Another 64 people died and 550 others injured in the second day of the Songkran safety drive campaign, raising total road death toll in two days to 116 killed and 981 injured.

The second day of the Songkran festival’s “seven dangerous days” saw 116 people lose their lives on the nation’s roads, nearly double last year’s two-day tally. 

The centre for the prevention and reduction of road accidents of the Department of Public Disasters Prevention and Mitigation said today that only in a single day yesterday, 64 were killed and 550 injured in 520 road accidents.

Main causes of the accidents are drunk during which accounted for 36.35% of the 520 accidents, and speeding, 33.46%.

Motorcycles accounted for the bulk of the accidents or 81.03%, followed by pickup trucks, 6.8%.

Chiang Mai topped the highest incidence of road accidents with 19 cases, and Phichit topped highest death toll of six yesterday.

In conclusion, 116 people died and 981 injured in two days of the Songkran safety drive campaign in which a total of 907 cases were reported.

Chiang Mai had the highest accumulated incidents of 45 accidents, while Buriram recorded the highest deaths of eight in two days.

Source: PBS

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