Saturday, 9 April 2016

4/09/2016 12:25:00 am
Unidentified Foreign male

A headless foreign man was found floating at the shore of Sai Ngam Beach in Laem Klad, Poemueang, Trat province.

The body had been in an advanced decomposed state making the fisherman who discovered the corpse believe it must have been a stranded dolphin. However, when he came closer, he recognized the body was in fact a dismembered human with a detached and arms.

The fisherman notified the police at around 15:30 and shortly after police officers of Mai Rut Provincial Police Station along with medical staff of Trat Hospital and local rescue workers.

When investigating the scene, they found a human skull between 200 or 300 meters near the beach, making police treat the death as a murder case.

Medical staff estimated the body had been dead for approximately one month, hence the advanced state of decomposition. 

Police is now in the process of checking missing persons records to see if they can find a person matching the description of the victim and reveal his identity.

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