Thursday, 21 April 2016

4/21/2016 06:10:00 pm
A Bangkok taxi driver was caught on camera throwing a fit on Wednesday night when a Thai woman refused to be ripped off by the crooked cabbie.

The hot-headed hustler claimed the Thai lady recording the video, who was accompanied by an elderly farrang, had agreed the 900 baht fee for the journey but upon arrival at the Four Wings Hotel, and after unloading their luggage, the woman offered the driver 500 baht for the trip.

Speeding Somchai was having none of it and wanted the agreed off-the-meter fee telling the woman she should have told him to stop and taken another cab if she wasn’t happy with the price.

At one point during the verbal spat, the cabbie had to be held back by hotel staff as he lunged at the woman.

In the end it looks the cabbie didn’t get a single baht as towards the end of the two minute clip, the bellhop hands back the money he’d been given by the passenger to pay the driver.
Stick Boy

Taxi driver who charged 900B. He’s been fined 2,000B & license revoked for 3 months.

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