Thursday, 21 April 2016

4/21/2016 03:37:00 am

At 1:00 AM on Wednesday 20th April a 1 minute clip of a foreign tourist beaten by drunken Thai men surfaced on Social Media.

The clip filmed in front of a convenience store on Soi Kao Talo showed a Western man being viciously beaten up by two drunken Thai men.

The first man wearing red football shorts and another wearing matching blue shorts marched up and started scolding the Western man before brutally kicking him in the stomach. They continued physically abusing the man until he fell to the ground, continuing their assault until the shopkeeper came outside and stopped them. After that the two Thai men casually walked off.

A bystander mentioned that the foreigner had been the instigator of the brawl however We love Pattaya Facebook Page have posted another clip. The new clip displays the scene before the man was beaten showing that he was playing and patting a dog in front of the convenience store. The new video clip has provoked more condemning comments of the actions of the two Thai men from animal’s rights protection crowds.

Most viewers comments are totally against this abhorrent activity since it could cause damage to Thailand’s Tourism industry.

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