Thursday, 7 April 2016

4/07/2016 06:17:00 pm
Daring Day Time Bank Robbery South Pattaya

A Thai thief lonely robbed money from SCB while the employees were carrying the money to keep in central office in Central Pattaya. He took 8.8 million baht.

On Wednesday afternoon, a bank truck from SCB bank parked outside a department store in South Pattaya was being loaded up with money by two Samco staff, when a Thai man pulled up on his motorcycle and robbed them. The thief fired one shot in the air, grabbed the cash bag full of money, and sped off quickly towards Sukhumvit Road.

At the scene where was in front of a department store, the police officers found Methakorn Supphadee aged 26 and Jeerasak Siladlao aged 28 who are the chauffeurs waiting for the police. Upon inspection the truck was shot once in its back and 2 bullets were found nearby. Methakorn said that he and his co-worker went to Big-C South Pattaya brach in order to take money from Siam Commercial bank to keep in central office in Central Pattaya. As they were carrying the money bag contained 8.8 million baht, then a thin Thai man who was in crashing helmet rode a motorcycle and stopped 10 meters from them. Later he shot once into the sky, ran up and grabbed the money bag from them before he immediately ran away.

They described the villain as being a tall, thin, Thai man driving on a white Yamaha Fino. He was wearing a long sleeved black and blue shirt, green jacket, blue trousers, a red helmet, and also had a white mask over his mouth.

Upon further investigation at the scene, the police found a hole in the back of truck and two spent cartridges. Unfortunately the CCTV in front of the department store was not working but the one near Sukhumvit exit showed the image of the man fleeing towards Chonburi.

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