Tuesday, 26 April 2016

4/26/2016 12:32:00 pm
25 April, 2016; at 21.00pm Pol Col Suktad Pumpanmuang- chief of Pattaya police- was notified that a foreigner caught a bag snatcher. The incident took place in South Pattaya. The police officers immediately rushed to inspect the crime scene after they had been notified.

At the scene the officers found Imlan Mohammed Akata aged 35 from England and his Thai girlfriend. In addition, they had caught Pongpipat Maneerat aged 28 who stole his 3,000 pounds.

Imlan revealed that he and his girlfriend were on minibus before he noticed some money on the bus floor. Plus, he checked his wallet and found out that his money had been taken.

Later he found some money hidden under Pongpipat’s leg before Pongpipat decided to run away. However, the British man had chased and caught him before he notified the police.

Initially, Pongpipat confessed that he stole money of foreigner. He claimed that he needs money to pay his room debt.

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