Friday, 29 April 2016

4/29/2016 03:00:00 pm
A jealous wife sent a large motorcycle mob to attack her husband's Laotian mistress outside an entertainment venue in Thonburi.

The attack is caught graphically on tape as eight men arrive on five bikes and violently punch and kick the 20 year old about the head and body.

No one comes to help despite there being many other men in the area. In fact some just nonchalantly walk away as the defenceless girl cowers on the sidewalk.

They had been told by the gang not to intervene because they had guns. Following the attack they get on their bikes and ride off into the night.

The violence was caught on two CCTV cameras Thursday and shared online with the tagline "8 men vs one woman." Sarcastic posters described the mob as "manly." Two men are seen doing most of the kicking.

The unnamed girl who is Laotian suffered multiple injuries to her head, eye and body and also a broken finger.

Bukkhalo police told reporters that the girl went with a man who had a wife but she didn't know. The wife found out and sent people to warn her on a previous occasion and discovering the truth the Laotian girl decided to end the relationship.

But the jealous wife was not happy, police said, and ordered the gang to return resulting in the scene on the video.

Be aware: *Warning: Graphic Content*

A taskforce of police and army was mobilised to search the Rachada - Tha Phra area in Dao Khanong on the Thonburi side of Bangkok. One suspect was found but denied involvement.

No mention was made about inquiries to find the person who ordered the attack.

Source: Daily News

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