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4/27/2016 05:10:00 pm
1. Unidentified Western male

Pattaya police are trying to identify a middle-aged male foreigner who died after plunging down a condominium building in Pattaya Tuesday evening.

According to a report, officers from Pattaya Provincial Police Station were notified about the death of a foreigner at around 21:30.

Police officers and rescue volunteers arrived on the scene at Pattaya Beach Condominium in Chon Buri’s Bang Lamung district shortly later. They discovered the body of a male who officers believe to be a foreign national lying dead on a narrow concrete access next to the condominium building.

The man’s identity could not yet be determined since the wallet found in the deceased’s pocket only contained 70 baht in cash and no identification documents. Officers estimated the deceased to be between 30-35 years old and about 165-170cm tall. A tattoo of a dragon ranging from the right arm to the shoulder was mentioned as a characteristic that might help to identify the deceased.

An initial investigation revealed that the man, who had not been a tenant at the apartment, had entered the condominium’s premises several minutes prior the incident. He was last seen alive purchasing a bottle of beer at a local store. About 10 minutes later, a tourist discovered the man who at that time had passed away already.

Police are now in the process of viewing CCTV footage recorded nearby and try to determine the man’s identity. An autopsy has been scheduled to ultimately verify the cause of death.

2. Robert Alois Achermann

A motorcycle accident in Pattaya’s Bang Lamung district cost the life of a German national early Wednesday morning.

At 12:30 AM on Wednesday 27th of April a German citizen lost control of his Honda CBR 650, smashing into an SUV on Thepprasit Soi 5 Pattaya.

The incident occurred at the entrance to Soi 5 Thepprasit where first responders found the dead body of 58 year old Mr. Robert Alois Achermann. The German national was discovered lying in the road, partly under a parked bus with a large head wound, abrasions to his body and missing a toe.

Crashed nearby were a “Big Bike” Honda CBR 650 cc. and a bronze Ford Everest SUV. Both vehicles had sustained damage.

At the scene, 31 year old jetski repairman, Mr. Witthaya Shosri, confirmed that he was the driver of the Ford Everest and that he had been driving along Thepprasit Road heading to Grand Condomium when he encountered the foreigner driving the big bike towards him at high speed, wobbling back and forth erratically.

Losing control, the bike rider smashed headlong into Mr. Shosri’s Ford before careening off, separating from his CBR and hurtling some distance before coming to rest under the parked bus.

Mr. Shosri claimed that he had been unable to avoid Mr. Achermann however Pattaya police will investigate the incident in follow up.

Source: PattayaOne

3. Waltraut Margot Konradi

An elderly German woman has died in her rented apartment on Koh Samui Tuesday evening from what appears to be natural causes, Daily News reported.

Koh Samui Provincial Police officers confirmed the death of 85-year-old Waltraut Margot Konradi who was found dead lying on the bed in her rented apartment in Ang Thong subdistrict. A pack of cigarettes and an almost full bottle of aspirin pills were found on a table beside the bed.

The body had been found earlier by a maid who Ms Konradi employed to look after her. She told police that Ms Konradi had complained of a stomach ache and gone to bed after taking seven aspirin. When she went to check on her later that day, she found her gasping for air and then passing out. Medical workers who arrived shortly later were not able to revive the woman.

Five days before her death, Ms Konradi expressed her love for Thailand and the famous holiday island and asked her landlady for “permission” to die in her room. “She had already been renting the apartment for eight months,” she told police later. “And seeing as she was old I didn’t think much of it. So I just said ‘of course’.”

A post-mortem examination at Koh Samui Hospital has been scheduled and the German embassy been contacted.

Source: Daily News

4. John Diller Swanson

A long lasting cancer struggle made an elderly American commit suicide with a handgun at his apartment in Central Pattaya early Tuesday morning, Thai language news website Manager Online reported.

Leaning against a wall, officers from Pattaya Provincial Police Station discovered the dead body of 75-year-old Mr John Diller Swanson in an abandoned area near the apartment where he was staying with his wife. The entry wound of a gunshot could be seen on the left side of his chest, most likely to be inflicted by a handgun that was found next to the victim along with a used bullet shell.

Police found the body at Platong Flats on Moo 9 Central Pattaya Rd in Bang Lamung district, after being informed at around 10:30 Tuesday morning. Taped to the wall, officers also collected a note signed by Mr Swanson in which he had written down the reason for his apparent suicide.

“I have had cancer nearly 3 yrs. Now with 4 operations, 48 radiation treatments. I now have heart problems also,” it said. “All these things have taken a toll on me mentally & physically.” Doctors were not able to help him anymore, he continued, leaving him in constant pain. “I don’t want to take all this anymore.”

In the notice, Mr Swanson also said he would leave all of his belongings with his Thai wife and mentioned the wish to be cremated. The gun, so the letter ended, used to belong to a friend of his who had passed away several years ago.

His 46-year-old wife told police investigators that they had lived together for 12 years in his apartment at Spanish Place Condominium in Chon Buri’s Bang Lamung district. According to her, Mr Swanson increased to complain about his health issues lately and appeared to become more and more desperate.

She reported that the last time she saw her husband alive was when he left the room at about 05:00 early Tuesday morning without telling her where he was going. As she helped him exiting the apartment, she noticed the handgun which, at that time, she had never seen before, she said.

Investigators from Pattaya Provincial Police Station have launched an investigation to rule out any possible crime. A post-mortem examination has been scheduled to verify the cause of death.

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