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Australian national falls multiple stories to his death at Patong high-rise

PHUKET: An Australian man is dead after falling multiple stories to his death from a Patong high-rise last night, an apparent accident that was witnessed by the man’s sister-in-law, police reported.

Police Major Patapi Srichai of Kathu Police was alerted to the incident at 11.37pm last night (April 30), and reported to the scene, a high-rise residential property on Patong’s Rat-Uthit 200 Pi Rd.

Police photographed the scene, near a swimming pool on the property’s third floor, noting the lifeless body of a foreign man who had sustained multiple broken limbs, and was wearing black T-shirt, shorts and in a face-down position in a pool of blood.

The deceased was named as Mr Jamie William Brown, a 30-year-old Australian national who stayed in a room on one of the property’s upper floors.

Police questioned a *woman with a western name*, who was named as an in-law of the deceased, who police said lived in the same room together, but did not elaborate further.

“The woman reported that she had and Mr Brown were in the room together at about 11.20pm last night when she said Mr Brown went out onto the balcony to photograph fireworks taking place outside.

“She said that he was leaning over the railing dangerously, and she warned him to be careful before going into the bathroom to take care of personal business.

“When she emerged from the bathroom 10 minutes later, she said she saw him hanging over the railing clinging on with his hands, and then rushed to try and help him back up, but that he was just too heavy and she didn’t have enough strength to pull him back up.”

"He slipped, right before her eyes, she said, before she then rushed, in panic, to the first floor to notify someone of the incident," Pol Maj Patapi reported

Police questioned the security guard of the property who confirmed that he was the first to discover Mr Brown’s body upon vaguely hearing a crashing sound on the third floor.

Police inspected the room of the deceased and did not report anything unusual. The body of Mr Brown has been transported to Patong hospital for further inspection.

Police named the woman, whose name and age has been omitted from the story by editors.

A Romanian tourist committed suicide in a guesthouse in Mae Hong Son province by taking an overdose of prescription drugs.

The death was reported Friday afternoon, prompting investigator Pol Capt Thingon Chumphusaen from Mae Hong Son Provincial Police Station and paramedics from Srisangwan Hospital to make their way to the scene. Tourist police and rescue volunteers were informed about the incident as well.

The body of the Romanian tourist Rufer Boaz, 48, was found in his rented room in a guesthouse located in Mae Hong Son City district. He was lying face up on the bed with a bruise visible on his chest.

Next to him, police found a bottle of beer, four bottles of drinking water, a mobile phone, a black backpack and a laptop. A bottle of unidentified pills was found next to the TV which was taken to the hospital to determine its content, Pol Capt Thingon said.

Apart from this, officers also collected a notebook containing a three-paged farewell letter in English addressed to his Thai girlfriend. He wrote that he had been suffering from a depression disorder and had come to Thailand to end his life “in order not to cause problems” to his girlfriend.

“Decision was made a long time ago before I came back to Thailand, but I did not want people to know about it,” he continued. He went on to say he would leave all his belongings with his girlfriend and expressed the wish that his body is not being transported back to his home country but instead being cremated in Mae Hong Son.

An early investigation revealed Mr Boaz had entered Thailand on March 16 and had been staying at the guesthouse since April 26. He had stayed at his girlfriend’s apartment for some time before asking her to continue travelling alone, leaving her on a motorbike on the morning of April 26.

According to Pol Capt Thingon, Mr Boaz likely killed himself through an overdose of the drug found in his room. A brief medical examination did not reveal any injuries or wounds. He was last seen by a guesthouse worker on April 27 which medical workers estimated to be the day of his death. Mr Boaz’ body was sent to Srisangwan Hospital to confirm the cause of death.

Source: Sanook News

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