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Perry Boomeshine

A 66-year-old American was found Tuesday morning after lying dead in his apartment in Chiang Mai for seven days.

The door to room no. 943 on the 9th floor of an apartment building in Central Chiang Mai was locked when Chang Phueak Police Station officers, rescue workers and paramedics from Maharaj Nakorn Chiang Mai Hospital arrived. Police did not name the building but said it was located on Huai Keo Rd in Central Chiang Mai’s Chang Phueak subdistrict.

After officers forcefully opened the door, they immediately discovered the body of 66-year-old American Perry Boomeshine lying on the floor of his apartment. Police say he did not wear any clothes and was found only a few centimetres next to his bed.

In his room, many of his belongings were spread out on the floor. Among them, police found a syringe which, as they found out later, Mr Boomeshine had used to inject insulin to treat his chronic diabetes. Paramedics estimated the man had been dead for about seven days prior his discovery.

One of the security guards working in the building told police Mr Boomeshine had been renting the room since 2009 in which he had lived alone. He had received a call from his older sister in Bangkok on 27 April who said she could not contact her brother. One day later, on 28 April, she tried again but Mr Boomeshine did not answer his phone.

A staff from the condominium then went up to check on him but did not hear anything suspicious. She reportedly believed Mr Boomeshine was not staying in his room and left. A consul from the American embassy contacted the condominium once more on May 2 at 10:00 to check on Mr Boomeshine’s whereabouts, but a staff sent up to the room again did not open the door.

Only when a maid noticed a strong smell of decay coming from Boomeshine’s room police was called to see whether anything had happened to the American tenant. Police then found the body on the morning of May 3.

Since no signs of violence were found on the scene, the head of the investigation assumed Mr Boomeshine might have had died after he got out of the bed to administer himself an insulin injection and then fainted. The current hot weaver might also have contributed to his death, police said.

The body of Mr Boomeshine has been transported to Maharaj Nakorn Chiang Mai Hospital to let a pathologist verify the cause of death. The American embassy and close relatives have already been notified about the death.

Mike Cobb

An American rugby coach died on a trip to Thailand last Saturday, the website of USA Rugby reported in an obituary today.

Mike Cobb, 55, from Greenville, USA was killed Saturday, April 30 when he was struck by a car while he was walking with his friend. Mr Cobb, who played, coached, and officiated rugby for more than three decades, was in Thailand to participate in a rugby referee exchange when the accident occurred.

“We were shocked and saddened to hear about Mike’s passing, our thoughts and prayers are with Mike’s friends and family at this time,” said USA Rugby CEO Nigel Melville. “Mike was such a larger than life character, passionate about his rugby and always going above and beyond to help players, referees and coaches develop their potential.”

Mr Cobb was married for many years and is survived by her, his daughter and his brother. A small group of Cobb’s friends are working with the family to launch a memorial fund that will be used to perpetuate Mike Cobb’s memory and aid a rugby-related initiative.

Source: Thairath & USA Rugby

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