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17-year-old tourist Jules Farrely from Ireland "jumped" to his death!!

Jules Farrelly

Two days after he jumped from the fifth floor of his condominium in Samut Prakanprovince, an Irish foreigner has succumbed to his injuries. Police believe drugs may have played a role in this tragic incident.

After being informed that a foreigner had fallen from his balcony, Pol Capt Nakrin Jambanin, a deputy investigator from Samrong Nuea Provincial Police Station, made his way to an apartment building in Soi Sukhumvit 109 (Santikham) in Samut Prakan where the incident had taken place.

Pol Capt Nakrin, superintendent Pol Col Nopdon Sukontawit, Poh Tek Tung rescue volunteers and emergency doctors from Vibharam-Chaiphrakarn Hospital arrived shortly later at the scene. On the road leading to an eight-storey apartment complex, police found Jules Farrelly, a 17-year-old tourist from Ireland, who was unconscious and had suffered life-threatening injuries, Pol Capt Nakrin said in a report following the incident.

Mr Farrelly was immediately rushed to the intensive care unit at Vibharam-Chaiphrakarn Hospital. However, concentrated efforts of the emergency doctors could not save the life of the young Irishman. He died from his severe injuries two days later.

To find out what had caused Mr Farrelly to fall to his death, police questioned the owner of the building, Mr Chakon Ratsami-Fueangfu. He said that Mr Farrelly had moved into the apartment on the fifth floor when his brother and his wife left the country after having rented the flat for six months. A male and female friend, both Irish, stayed with Mr Farrelly.

On the day of the incident, his friends were out, and Mr Farrelly stayed alone in the apartment. At around 13:00, Mr Chakon said he received a complaint from a tenant on the sixth floor who had heard a loud noise coming from Mr Farrelly’s room. Mr Chakon then went to his room to check.

On his way up, Mr Chakon was halted by a security guard who told him that a foreigner had just fallen from the balcony of his apartment. The two then rushed outside where they found the motionless body of Mr Farrelly on the asphalt next to the building. He then informed the police, Mr Chakon said.

Officers investigated Mr Farrelly’s room but did not find any evidence of foul play. However, on a table nex to the sofa, police discovered a packet of painkillers of which six tablets were missing. They also bagged a white powder that was spread out on the table and what officers assumed to be ketamine, a medication mainly used for starting and maintaining anaesthesia.

Investigator Pol Capt Nakrin viewed CCTV footage from the fifth floor and saw Mr Farrelly behaving in a strange way shortly before he jumped from the balcony. He was seen running out of his room and hiding in corners in the corridors of the fifth floor before rushing back into his apartment.

The investigation concluded that the ketamine Mr Farrelly had taken had induced hallucinations and made him think somebody was after him. The jump from his balcony might have been an attempt to escape the scene, police assumed.

In a video obituary , uploaded on June 17, acquaintances of Mr Farrelly commemorated their friend with photographs from his young life.

Steve McCann

A well-known British expatriate and Pattaya bar manager unexpectedly died from organ failure Saturday morning, friends reported in an online forum.

Details of the death of “Big” Steve McCann are still sparse, but various users of the online forum Pattaya Addicts claim that the 44-year-old Englishman passed away at around 11:00 Saturday morning. He apparently died of kidney failure.

It is being said that Mr McCann, who was a well-known character in Pattaya’s expat scene and had been the manager of several popular bars, including the “Living Dolls” 1 and the “Three Angels” bar, complained about stomach ache some days before his death.

“Steve never sat but kinda leant over the bar standing,” a user remembers the encounter. “He complained about having a stomach ache and told me that must be his gall bladder, but the pain was on his left side.” Shortly later, Mr McCann reportedly was admitted to a hospital on Thursday, June 16. After being treated for two days, he died of what people close to him say was a kidney failure.

Besides his professional commitment to Pattaya’s bar scene, the Bracknell native was known for his excessive lifestyle. Mr McCann was a heavy drinker and suffered from obesity for many years. “He knew his choice of lifestyle, in particular his drinking meant that he would have a limited lifespan,” a forum user said.

Another user described his drinking habit: “Steve is the only guy I have ever met who would down a full glass of beer in one go, without saying ‘Hey, watch me do this’, he would just down a full glass. As a matter of fact, that is how he drank.” For some, Mr McCann’s death did not even come as a surprise: “It really was only a matter of time for Steve, with his weight and drinking.”

Pascal Frei

The Phuket News reported the death of a popular Swiss hotelier who was found in the bedroom of his Phuket residence Tuesday afternoon.

The 35-year-old man, identified as Pascal Frei, was found lying face down on the floor next to the bed in his rented apartment in Phuket’s Kamala district. Arriving police officers did not note any signs of foul play but took note of several packs of medication inside the room.

Concerned colleagues had discovered the body after Mr Frei failed to show up for work for the past two days. Since the door was locked and nobody answered even though the light inside the room was on, they gained access by breaking the window.

The colleagues told police that the Swiss expat had suffered from epilepsy and had been treated at an international hospital in Phuket four months earlier after experiencing a severe seizure episode.

Mr Frei had worked as a manager at Andara Resort & Villas. He was also a board member of the Swiss Society Phuket.

Mr Frei’s body was taken to Patong Hospital where an initial examination by doctors found out that a seizure was likely a factor in the man’s death. A thorough post-mortem examination has been scheduled.

Chun Yu Meng

A Chinese tourist was found hanged near a football field in Phuket province early Monday morning, Manager Online reported.

Chalong Provincial Police Station was notified of the incident by a resident at about 6:00 early Monday morning. Along with Phuket Ruam Jai rescue volunteers, investigator Pol Maj Tada Sodarak headed to the scene to investigate the death.

Upon arriving at the edge of a football pitch in Rawai subdistrict, police discovered the lifeless body of 40-year-old Chinese tourist. A passport that was found in her pocket along with other identification documents named her as Chun Yu Meng. A mobile phone and 1,700 baht in cash were also found and bagged as evidence.

A nylon rope attached to a tree branch was found around her neck. One foot was dangling in the air while the other one was still touching a blue plastic chair. According to Pol Maj Tada, Ms Chun Yu had been dead for around two hours.

An early investigation revealed Ms Chun Yu had been seen by a resident two or three days before the suicide walking around the spot where she was later found. However, the witness thought she was just going for a stroll and did not entertain suspicion.

When the resident left his house early Monday morning, he saw the body hanging from the distance and went to check on her. He then realised it was the same woman and called the police.

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