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Yan Yang & Liang Grianfu

Two Chinese tourists died in yet another speedboat accident when their speedboat crashed with another one, injuring 62 people.

Phuket Marine Police deputy superintendent Lt Col Prasert Srikunarat confirmed the collision of the Chonlakij with the Hongfa that had happened on Wednesday around 12:30.

The accident occurred while the Chonlakij was transporting tourists from Phuket to Koh Phi Phi, carrying 36 in total including crew members. 26 people were on board theHongfa which was travelling the same way back to Phuket, Lt Col Prasert told the media.

When the two vessels approached each other, the captain of the Hongfa failed to stir the speedboat away. It then collided with the oncoming Chonlakij, throwing most of the tourists on both boats into the open water.

“The Chonlakij sank, but all people on board were rescued by dive boats nearby”, Lt Col Prasert described the aftermath. However, two Chinese tourists, one of them a 26-year-old woman named Yan Yang, succumbed to their injuries shortly later.

A total of seven people were seriously injured in the collision while a further 19 suffered injuries requiring medical attention, Phuket Governor Chamroen Tipyayapongtada said in a statement in the afternoon. 26 more people suffered minor injuries and were taken to Mission Hospital for treatment.

Most of the tourists on board the two boats were Chinese or Korean. A total of 62 people were on board the vehicles at the time of the collision, the governor said. Police confirmed that all 62 people are accounted for, and none was missing.

“We are still investigating the cause of the collision,” Lt Col Prasert Srikunarat told The Phuket News. It was fortunate that all tourists on both boats were wearing life jackets. If they weren’t, the number of casualties could have been much worse.”

Meanwhile, police are waiting for doctors to confirm the cause of death of both people who died. At this stage, it is not sure if the force of the impact caused their death or if they drowned, Lt Col Prasert said.

The bodies of Ms Yan and Liang Grianfu were brought to the morgue at Vachira Phuket Hospital. Chinese are aware of the accident.

Ivan Romankin

The prospect of being deported following drug possession charges led a Russian man to commit suicide inside his hotel room in Phuket province.

Officers from Patong Provincial Police Station were called to a hotel in Patong district Monday afternoon after a maid had discovered the body a Russian foreigner. Investigators, rescue volunteers and a paramedic from Patong Hospital arrived at the small 4-storey-building shortly later to inspect the scene.

Inside his room on the fourth floor, police found Ivan Romankin, 30, who had hanged himself in the back of his bedroom. A piece of fabric was found tied around his neck attached to a metal bar in the ceiling from where he was found hanging with a protruding tongue.

Police did not find any signs of a crime on the body or in the room. A paramedic who conducted an on-the-spot examination estimated the man had been dead for at least six hours before he was found by the maid.

An initial investigation revealed that Mr Romankin had previously been charged with the possession of marijuana. He was due to appear in court the next day. Police presumed that Mr Romankin had committed suicide to evade deportation in case he was convicted of the crime.

An autopsy has been scheduled at Patong Hospital to verify the cause of death. The Russian Embassy has been notified of the death.

Source: Thairath

French male

Police are investigating whether the prescription drugs found in the room of an elderly Frenchman had anything to do with his death, The Phuket News reported.

The owner of the apartment where the man had stayed had found the body of the 65-year-old foreigner, whose name is currently being withheld by The Phuket News, on Saturday afternoon. He reported the incident to the authorities who arrived shortly later but could not do anything more than pronounce him dead.

In the room, located in Phuket’s Kamala subdistrict, police found no signs of a struggle or other indication that a crime had occurred. However, police noted a blood puddle near the fridge which medical staff presumed to have been caused by vomiting.

Police also found two different types of drugs of which one of them contained the antibiotic substance amoxicillin. The other drug found was a bottle of painkillers not further described by police.

The apartment owner told investigators that the foreigner had been renting the apartment for over six years. He described his tenant as a heavy drinker who usually left the room in the morning and evening. But when he did not see him for almost a week, he became suspicious and used the master key to gain access to the room. He then found the Frenchman’s body lying dead in the bathroom doorway.

The body was transported to Patong Hospital, where an initial examination led doctors to suspect that the cause of death was related to breathing complications.

Aloysius Nirmalarajan

Pattaya’s tourist police are looking for new measures to prevent accidents on the water following the death of a Sri Lankan tourist on Saturday.

The 37-year-old tourist, who authorities identified as Aloysius Nirmalarajan, died while paragliding in Pattaya, Chon Buri province. Other beachgoers witnessed the incident and later told police that his parachute stalled after only two minutes in the air. He then collided with the boat the strings of his parachute was attached to.

Mr Nirmalarajan was rushed to Pattaya Memorial Hospital. He succumbed to his injuries shortly later and was pronounced dead at around 14:00.

City officials say that accidents such as this are harming the image of Pattaya. Two days after the fatal accident, Pol Maj Gen Surachet Hagpan, the commander general of Pattaya’s tourist police, held a meeting with other officials to discuss new measures to countervail the latest increase of injuries and deaths involving tourists.

Han Mu

The honeymoon trip of a young Chinese couple came to a tragic end when the newly-married husband drowned in a hotel pool in Pattaya Wednesday morning.

A hotel employee had alerted police and rescue workers after he found Han Mu, a 20-year-old Chinese student, floating unconscious in the pool at around 02:00 early Wednesday morning. Volunteers from Sawangboriboon Rescue Foundation rushed to Adriatic Palace Hotel in Pattaya, Chon Buri province where the incident had happened.

When rescue workers arrived, they immediately pulled Mr Han’s body out of the water. However, all attempts to resuscitate the young man on the edge of the pool failed. He was pronounced dead shortly after their arrival.

Pol Capt Wirayut Ganggala, a deputy investigator from Mueang Pattaya Provincial Police Station, was assigned to the case. He questioned the 22-year-old Chinese wife who was the first person to discover her husband. According to her, the couple had just married and had been spending their honeymoon in Pattaya.

A 32-year-old Burmese hotel employee said he had seen the couple standing in front of the hotel before the accident happened. He later heard screams coming from the pool area of the hotel. When he rushed for help, he saw a body floating motionless in the pool, prompting him to jump into the water to keep Mr Han’s head above the surface until rescue workers arrived.

Police have ordered Mr Han’s body to be transported to Bang Lamung Hospital to verify the cause of death. The Chinese Embassy was notified of the tragic accident.

Source: Thairath

Anton Andrev

A 38-year-old Russian tourist apparently drank himself to death, police investigators in Samut Prakan province revealed today towards Khaosod newspaper.

Assigned to the case was investigator Pol Maj Narongsak Tongayasit from Bang Kaew Provincial Police Station in Samut Prakan. At around 15:30 Tuesday afternoon, he received the information that a foreign national had died in his hotel room, prompting him to investigate the case.

Police did not name the hotel but said it was located on King Kaew Rd in Samut Prakan’s Rachathewa subdistrict, Bang Phli district. Together with a paramedic from Bang Phli Hospital, tourist police officers, and Ruam Katanyu rescue volunteers, Pol Maj Narongsak shortly later arrived on the scene.

After gaining access to room 411, police found the body of 38-year-old Russian national Anton Andrev lying dead on the floor of his bathroom. Officers and paramedics inspected the body, who was lying face down and was only wearing a towel wrapped around his hips, but did not find any signs of violence or visible injuries. Doctors estimated the Russian had been dead for at least 12 hours prior being found.

According to hotel employees, Mr Andrev checked in two days earlier in the late morning of May 29 only carrying a plastic bag containing his clothes. During his stay, Mr Andrev appeared to be heavily intoxicated and was often seen purchasing beer at the hotel shop. He also repeatedly made orders through the room service. However, he only ordered alcoholic beverages and was not seen eating since his arrival.

When an employee knocked at his room at around 15:00 on Tuesday, Mr Andrev did not answer the door. The employee then called the phone inside the room but, again, was not able to contact him. The only thing he could hear was the water that was running continuously inside the bathroom.

As he used the master key to check on his guest, he found Mr Andrev motionless on the floor of the room’s bathroom. He then rushed and called the police and medical workers who pronounced him dead upon their arrival.

An initial police report assumed that Mr Andrev had died from an alcohol intoxication. After police had collected evidence from the room, rescue volunteers transported his body to Bang Phli Hospital where a post-mortem examination is supposed to confirm the cause of death.

Source: Khaosod

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