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Drowned Foreigners: Two in Koh Chang, One in Koh Lanta, One in Koh Phi Phi.

1. British girl, 19, drowns on popular Thailand beach resort Ko Chang.

The teenager, who is thought to be a university student, has not yet been identified.

She died while swimming off the coast of Ko Chang, the second largest Thai island after Phuket.

A Foreign Office spokesman said: "We are supporting the family of a British National who sadly died in Thailand on 14 August."

Her death came one day after a German tourist drowned off the coast of the same island. Christoph Ralf Sigloch, 55, died after getting into difficulties in the sea off Khlong Phrao beach.

Local media reported that he had entered the water to help his two sons after his wife became concerned that they had swum too far from shore.

2. To save his two sons, German Christoph Ralf Sigloch went into the water at a beach on Koh Chang despite strong waves. His children survived, but the man himself did not make it out of the water in time and ended up drowning himself.

It is a heartbreaking photograph: A 55-year-old German man is lying lifeless on a stretcher in a clinic, still strapped and hooked up to a saline drip. His grieving wife put her head on his chest, her arms clasped around the torso. A tourist police officer is quietly watching the scene.

The picture was taken in a clinic on Koh Chang, a popular destination for domestic and foreign tourists in Trat province at around 15:00 Saturday afternoon. The man, Christoph Ralf Sigloch, had been pronounced dead moments earlier after he was rushed to the clinic in an unconscious state at 14:00.

Pol Lt Col Maen Rottong from Trat Tourist Police questioned Sunanthra Chitlok, the wife of the deceased with whom she had two children. According to her, the family had travelled from Bangkok by rented car to see friends in Nakhon Ratchasima before they visited Koh Chang.

The four were staying at the Klong Prao Resort on the western coast of the island. At 11:00, Mrs Sunanthra said, they left the hotel and went to the nearby Khlong Phrao Beach. Despite a red flag warning beachgoers not to swim, the two sons went swimming while she and Mr Sigloch remained at the beach.

When Mrs Sunanthra realised their children were swimming too far from the shore, Mr Sigloch went into the water to make sure the boys made it safely back to shore. But the current was too strong and the waves too high; on his way back, Mr Sigloch appeared exhausted and then suddenly drowned.

“She immediately called for help from the staff of the hotel where they were staying,” Pol Lt Col Maen summarised her account of the events. “Mr Sigloch was taken back to the beach and administered first aid before being taken to Koh Chang International Clinic.” However, the husband and father of two was pronounced dead at 14:00.

Police came to the conclusion that Mr Sigloch probably had overestimated his endurance. His age and the fact that, according to Mrs Sunanthra, he also had health issues might have contributed to the accident. A post-mortem examination at Koh Chang Hospital has been scheduled to determine the official cause of death.

3. Police on Koh Lanta are trying to establish the identity of an unidentified male foreigner.

Koh Lanta Provincial Police Station was notified of a body on a beach in Moo 3 in the island’s Sala Dan subdistrict, Pol Maj Somchai Nuanmai said. Along with local rescue workers, police went to investigate the case.

Officers found the body lying face down on the beach but have not yet been able to identify the man. “He did not have any identification documents on him,” Pol Maj Somchai said. However, after police inspected the body and saw a yellow rubber bracelet with a Chinese inscription around his left wrist, officers believe the man might be a Chinese national.

Apart from that, Pol Maj Somchai revealed that the man had pale skin and was bald-headed. He was dressed wearing only a pair of jeans. Police did not find any injuries or other marks that indicate that the man had been a victim of a crime. The time of death was estimated to be about two days ago.

Rescue workers brought the body to Koh Lanta Hospital to let forensic scientists confirm the cause of death. In the meanwhile, police are trying to identify the man who they assume might have fallen off a boat or drowned while swimming.

4. Despite wearing a life jacket, Chinese tourist Tang Hongzhu drowned while on a boat trip to Koh Phi Phi in Krabi province Tuesday afternoon.

Despite wearing a life jacket, an elderly Chinese tourist drowned while on a boat trip to Koh Phi Phi in Krabi province Tuesday afternoon.

Koh Phi Phi Provincial Police Station was informed of an incident involving a Chinese tourist who was lying unconscious on a beach at 13:30. Arriving at Loh Mo Dee Beach in the south-east of the popular tourist island, officers found a group of people gathering the unconscious man, later identified as 67-year-old Tang Hongzhu, Pol Lt Santipot Nuanrueang told Manager Online.

Bystanders administered first-aid until local rescue volunteers arrived on the scene. Even though Mr Hongzhu was rushed to the closest hospital, rescue workers were not able to save the life of the elderly tourist. He was pronounced dead upon arrival at Koh Phi Phi Hospital.

Police investigated the circumstances and were told that Mr Hongzhu had arrived at Koh Phi Phi’s Loh Mo Dee Bay two hours earlier along with 25 other tourists (21 adults and five children) on the tour boat Trip Nisa. The 18-year-old captain of the Trip Nisa, Tirawad Changnam, told police that he had picked up the group and three crew members from Koh Lanta earlier that day.

“When they arrived at Loh Mo Dee Bay at around 11:15, Mr Hongzhu and other tourists reportedly put on their life jackets and went for a swim,” Pol Lt Santipot reconstructed the events. Shortly later, Mr Tirawad heard people shouting that “a man has drowned”, prompting him to jump into the water to pull out the already unconscious man.

Explaining why Mr Hongzhu drowned despite wearing a life jacket, Pol Lt Santipot said: “Doctors at Koh Phi Phi Hospital said that Mr Tang had a sudden health issue while swimming, causing him to lose consciousness.”

The Chinese Embassy has been informed of the death of Mr Hongzhu.

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