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Australian DJ and British soldier will spend decades inside Bangkok's Klong Prem prison for selling ecstasy.

They are Jake Mastroianni, 26, a Melbourne DJ (Left) and Lance Whitmore, 28, from Bromsgrove,Worcestershire (Right)

The prison is renowned for being overcrowded and Thailand has a soaring prison population

Cells measure about 1.5 metres by 3.5 metres including a small bathroom area and houses five prisoners

Prisoners live by a strict schedule and spend 13 hours a day in their claustrophobic cells

Diseases spread quickly, prisoners are covered in tattoos and relationships with ladyboys are permitted

An Australian DJ and a former British soldier will spend decades in an overcrowded Thai jail for selling ecstasy after an appeal to have their sentences reduced was rejected.

Inside the cramped Klong Prem prison, diseases spread quickly, prisoners are tattooed to stave off boredom, and relationships with ladyboys are permitted - but prisoners have to be careful due to high HIV rates in Thailand's transgender population.

And if inmates have problems with each other, they're given boxing gloves and fight it out inside the ring.

Jake Mastroianni, 26, a DJ from Melbourne who went by the name Badmouth, appeared at a Bangkok court in shackles when he lost an appeal to have his sentence reduced from two life prison terms.

And 28-year-old Lance Whitmore from Bromsgrove in Worcestershire lost his appeal on a 50-year sentence on Tuesday, Sydney Morning Herald reported.

Mastroianni was carrying 61 ecstasy pills and Whitmore was carrying 200 when they were arrested in Thailand’s beach city of Pattaya in August 2014.

Security guards stand at a gate inside Klong Prem high-security prison in Bangkok, Thailand

A prison police stands guard with a baton in the sleeping quarters of Bangkok's Klong Prem Prison

A tattooed Thai prisoner strikes a pose at the end of a release ceremony in August

They will serve time at Klong Prem jail, a high-security prison notorious for its poor conditions.

A typical cell is just 1.5 by 3 metres, and sleeps five prisoners side-by-side on blue mattresses, according to Reuters.

A hole in the floor of the cramped cells is for human waste.

Despite violence and rape being rare, disease easily passes from one prisoner to another in the confined spaces.


5:30am Wake up

6am leave sleeping quarters

5:00pm return to Sleeping Quarters

7pm Meditation and prayer time

8pm Sleep

The Telegraph was told prisoners who had problems with each other were given boxing gloves to deal with their differences inside a ring.

And relationships between inmates and 'ladyboys' who are also incarcerated in the prison was allowed - if they informed authorities and agreed to a form of 'marriage'.

They could even move into the same cell once the 'marriage' was approved, and seek a 'divorce' if needed.

But monogamy was emphasized due to high rates of HIV in the country's transgender population, it was reported.

Many of those in the prison are covered in tattoos because there's little else to do.

Inmates clad in numbered clothing work out in a yard inside the notorious prison

Inside the prison, Buddhist images can be seen (left) and right, inmates sit while waiting for an inspection

Under Thai law, Whitmore can apply to be transferred to a UK prison in 23 months when he has served four years, The Guardian reported.

Mastroianni can apply to be transferred to Australia in six years, however neither are guaranteed their application will be successful.

Mastroianni was given double the sentence because he did not pleaded guilty last year when Whitmore did.

The Australian man’s legal consultant Nathan Feeney told The Guardian Mastroianni had been advised by a previous lawyer not to plead guilty.

The pair will also have to pay 3.3million baht (£71,000 or AU$125,000) in fines, Mr Feeney said.

According to Reuters, Thailand's prison population in July was at 321,347, with about 70 per cent jailed for drugs offences.

Mastroianni (pictured) can apply to be transferred to an Australian prison in six years' time

Melbourne DJ Jake Mastroianni goes by the DJ name 'Badmouth'. He was arrested in the seaside Thai town of Pattaya

Mastroianni (pictured) was carrying 61 ecstasy pills and Whitmore was carrying 200 when they were arrested in Thailand’s beach city of Pattaya in August 2014

Surveillance monitors are seen in the long-term sentence zone inside Klong Prem high-security prison in Bangkok, where the two men will serve much of their sentences

Instructions about what items are considered to be contraband are displayed on a wall in the long-term sentence zone

A guard holds keys in the long-term sentence zone of the prison

Guards stand by gates in the long-term sentence zone, with televisions showing security camera footage behind them

Visitors speak by phone to inmates held inside the prison during a visit in July 2016

Source: Daily Mail

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  1. It could be worse. Klong Prem is the best possible prison to be a foreigner in. Sleep 5 to a cell instead of 200+ in Nong Palai. Foreigner rooms can get to watch satellite TV at night and get KFC and McDonalds delivered. Foreigners get to stay together whilst Other jails disperse them.