Thursday, 15 September 2016

9/15/2016 07:43:00 pm
The story of a faithful Thai dog that is waiting by the side of the road for the return of her master is pulling at the heartstrings of animal loving Thais.

The story featured on Facebook and prompted Daily News reporters to go to the Khom Ban sub district on the Chanthaburi - Trat Road.

There they found the approximately three year old bitch staring forlornly down the road in the rain.

The dog has made a home for itself in the undergrowth by the side of the road. Though she accepts food from strangers she is not interested in being taken in by anyone else - she prefers to wait for when her owner might return.

Now she has become something of an online celebrity with people stopping to give her food and take pictures after her story featured on Facebook.

Local woman Siwaploi Reuangchaichok, 40, said that the mutt had been waiting there about a year. She said that the dog was not local and surmised that she had fallen off the back of a vehicle and the owner did not know where she was.

She hoped that all the online interest would help reunite the owner and faithful hound soon.

The dog even looks like Hachiko. Those who know the story will understand, for those who don't, sea the following pic:

Source: Daily News

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    Waiting dog, Jaow Loung, dies without finding owner..!!
    A dog who had been waiting for her owner on a Chanthaburi roadside for a year has died after being run over by a vehicle.
    Famous dog waiting for owner dies..!!
    A dog waiting for her owner on a roadside in Chanthaburi has died after being run over by a vehicle.