Tuesday, 27 September 2016

9/27/2016 03:56:00 pm
Pictures and a video of a farang repairing a potholed road in Ban Sa Kaeo are wowing Thais online.

This guy, named only as Mr Peter, is seen on his hands and knees with cement in the middle of the road filling the holes.

Recent pictures to get the authorities attention have featured Thais having a bath in neighborhood potholes, but that was not the answer for this concerned individual!

He is doing something positive to help his local community - and the locals love him for it. And he is reaching into his pockets too.

The video and pictures were posted on the Facebook page of Kusuma Namwong who said that Mr Peter has come to live in Thailand and is helping out the Thai public. Others are chipping in to help too with their time - fed up with the frequent accidents.

Kusuma said in the comments section that Mr Peter was concerned about relatives and the public having accidents, especially on motorcycles.

Comments were 100% positive with Great! and Amen! ringing out to the original post praising the westerner's spirited work.

One poster said that Thais should check this out adding: "Does it make you feel embarrassed?"

But Bunreuang Sawangwong summed it up best: "We love you Papa!" she enthused.

The post did not mention where the road repairing was taking place.

Source: FB

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