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10/13/2016 02:57:00 pm
1. An abbot at a well known temple in Chachoengsao attacked and killed a dog.

2. The drunken monk (viral video)

Drunken Monk

1. Monk killing Dog

The claim against the abbot - Phra Atikarnbadikittipong Sumankhalo, 51, - was made in a post made online and followed up by a visit to the police.

The alleged attack was made by a fellow monk called Phra Suphachai who said he saw the abbot take a stick to a dog and kill it.

The abbot was later pictured throwing a dog in the Bang Pakong river.

Now the abbot has hit back at the claims saying that he is a good monk and knows all about sin. He admitted that a dog did die but it was not intentional.

He said that he had picked up a broom to stop a fight between dogs and one had died. He was not sure whether it died from being hit by the broom he was holding or by a bite from another animal.

Anyway, he buried the dog by the side of the temple, Wat Hua Sai in the Chachoengsao region east of Bangkok.

Monk throwing dog in the river
Asked about the images of throwing a dog in the river he said that was not a sin at all. He was helping the dog that had fleas and ticks - the dog would swim to the side and shake off the infestation.

In a latest development the abbot has claimed defamation at the hands of the monk who posted the pictures and made comments about him online.

The other monk said what he saw was a sin and disgusting.

Police are to interview both the abbot and the poster of the clip to see if there is a case to answer either way.

2. The drunken monk (viral video)

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