Sunday, 30 October 2016

10/30/2016 11:13:00 am
Overstay Busted, Eleven foreigners Arrested On Drug & Visa Charges

Eleven foreigners were arrested and charged with various drug offences after The Overstay, a well-known Bangkok hippie hangout located in Bang Phlat district, was raided by authorities on Friday morning.

The dawn raid was carried out by police and military who conducted a search of the six-storey building, that includes a guesthouse, and drug tested 25 foreigners on the premises.

Of those arrested, six tested positive for marijuana, one refused to be tested, another was found to be in possession of a small quantity of weed, while two more were charged with overstaying their visa and failing to produce their passport.

The owner is now facing charges of possession with intent to supply after a quantity of £herbs” was found in his room.


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