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11/01/2016 10:59:00 pm
Australian Guido James Eglitis wanted on torture charges spotted free in Bangkok.

An Australian man wanted in Queensland on kidnapping and torture charges has been photographed socialising in Bangkok bars.
Fugitive Guido James Eglitis photographed in N'Joy bar and restaurant in Bangkok's Sukhumvit Road entertainment area on Monday night

Australian authorities made no attempt to have Guido James Eglitis,70, extradited from Cambodia where he was arrested last year following the alleged robbery and assault of a British man who reportedly fled the country in fear of his life.

Witnesses have seen and photographed Eglitis drinking in the N'Joy bar and restaurant in Bangkok's Sukhumvit Road entertainment area on Sunday and Monday nights.

He was also seen drinking in other bars in the area.

Victorian man Guido James Eglitis (left) and another foreign suspect under arrest in the Cambodian town of Siem Reap last year.

Queensland police said in November last year, when Eglitis was being held in a Cambodian jail, they were "making enquiries" in relation to his extradition to Australia.

Eglitis was committed to stand trial in Brisbane in 2007 on charges of kidnapping, deprivation of liberty, robbery, impersonating a police officer and possessing restricted items.

Police allege Eglitis, from Warnambool, Victoria, posed as a federal police officer when he grabbed a businessman, tied him up in a house and demanded money. The businessman allegedly managed to untie his hands and escape.

Cambodian authorities have made no announcement about the release of Eglitis from a Cambodian jail last week.

He had been arrested in the town of Siem Reap, near the historic Angkor Wat temple complex, in October last year.

Cambodian police released a photograph of him under arrest.

Eglitis allegedly has a 30-year history of crime and featured in a 1998 Australian published book titled Scams and Swindlers.

He is believed to have fled Australia in 2007 while on bail.

Eglitis was sentenced to four years' jail in the United States on fraud charges in 1988 .

He came to the attention of Australian authorities in Cambodia in 2014 when he claimed to be a private investigator working with Cambodian police on the mysterious death of Canadian journalist Dave Walker, whose body was found near Angkor Wat. At the time he claimed his name was James An.

Australian Federal Police helped investigate the case for Canadian authorities.

Source: WAToday

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