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11/26/2016 05:21:00 pm
YouTuber My Mate Nate, who makes a bunch of crappy clickbait videos around Thailand, has been outed over his latest offering in which he makes Thai students look stupid due to their apparent lack of English skills after one of the girls featured in the video took to Twitter to say it’s all a bunch of bs.

In the video below you’ll see the clickbait cockwomble asking guys are they on their period making out that their English is so poor they have no clue what he’s asking while in another segment he approaches a group of female students asking where he could find a sanitary tissue in a bid to make a fool of them, one of whom was Twitter user @cherryluvjs.

She took to social media after seeing the finished video saying most of the people she watched him talking to and filming were replying in English, including her and her friends but that didn’t fit with Nate’s plan of making Thai’s look stupid and he asked them to act as if they didn’t understand what he was saying.

I’m one of people in this video who were interviewed by this guy. The second girl in this video who high-fived him is my friend. She took picture with Nate then he asked her to be in his video. He asked her to act as if she couldn’t understand English.

Another part in this video where Nate came up to me and my friends and asked us where he could find a sanitary tissue. We replied him in English so he didn’t put that in the video. After that, he asked us about how we think of our English education system. So we answered him in English but he said he wants us to answer in Thai.

Another Twitter user, @ktxsq, posted that clickbait Nate promised to blur the faces of those featured in his video – not surprising to see he went back on his word.

Much in the same way as his staged Thai Domestic Violence Social Experiment viral from earlier this year, the video is mainly cut and chopped scenes with fast, quick edits jumping all over the place in a bid to deceive the viewer:

I’m Not Buying The Thai Domestic Violence Social Experiment Viral

YouTuber My Mate Nate is the guy behind a bunch of clickbait viral prank videos set in Bangkok and Thailand such as “Grabbing Thai Womens Breasts Prank!!”, “Thai Girl Bikini Blown Off Prank!!” and “Using Siri to flirt with Thai Girls”.

Since December 2014 his videos have clocked up over 17 million views, which is pretty good going.

In his latest offering, “Thai Abuse Social Experiment”, he claims it is a social experiment in how people react to domestic abuse in a public place but Stickboy smells a rat.

Before you read any further, if you haven’t seen the video, give it a look:

Now having watched it, you will have noticed the scenes from several locations in a busy park and under a footbridge on a footpath are all cut and chopped with fast, quick edits that jump from scene to scene not giving the viewer much time to see how those around react to the man abusing his wife or girlfriend.

Some scenes are even repeated with the main focus given to the moment a group of joggers supposedly confront the abuser which to me looked as fake as a Sukhumvit Rolex.

I’m sorry but I’m just not buying this. The man and woman can even be seen laughing as they argue in the jogging park.

I think the entire video, not just the couple fighting, but those close by and caught on camera are all in on it.

Now having watched Mr Viral’s “experiment” in how people react when a farrang is abusing his other half take a look at this real life footage filmed on Sukhumvit Road last year and watch how those around react:

A big difference, yeah? I’m guessing because it isn’t someone trying to take us for a ride.

And one final thought. If My Mate Nate made his video to bring attention to such a serious issue by using his popularity as a prankster, I’d like to ask why is he running ads on the video to cash in on it?

It’s one thing taking the piss out of people but another to fake it.

One of these days someone will take the hump with this clown and drag his sorry ass through the courts for making a fool of them in public and there won’t be much sympathy for him from anyone when he gets his comeuppance.

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