Monday, 14 November 2016

11/14/2016 11:50:00 pm
Irish Philip Andrew Foley was crushed to death by an incoming train as he was attempting to cross a bumpy railway in Hua Hin, Prachuap Khiri Khan province.

Notified of the incident, Pol Capt Natpong Ad-am from Pranburi Provincial Police Station responded to the scene at about 18:30. “When we arrived, a knot of people had gathered around the scene,” he said, adding that some of them were using the light of their mobile phones to skim through the dark area.

On the tracks stood the halted train that was involved in the accidents. Only minutes earlier, train no. 251 from Thonburi to Prachuap Khiri Khan had been on its way to Wang Pong Railway Station when it crashed into a scooter about 400 metres north of the station.

The 73-year-old rider of the scooter, Philip Andrew Foley from Ireland, died before help arrived. His red Honda PCX with license plate 1 กฆ 922 Prachuap Khiri Khan was found about two metres next to the train. The impact had thrown his body almost 50 metres onto the grassland.

Pol Capt Natpong questioned the driver of the train who confirmed that the accident happened at a small railway crossing around three kilometres north of Wang Pong Railway Station. As he was approaching the crossing, he saw Mr Foley falling off his scooter and onto the tracks.

There was not enough time for the train to stop, Pol Capt Natpong quoted the driver. Repeated horn warnings did not avoid the inevitable – the train crashed into Mr Foley, killing him instantly.

According to the investigation report, Mr Foley had spent the day with his friends around three kilometres from the scene of the accident. While taking a shortcut on his way back home, Mr Foley arrived at the railway crossing that had just been reconstructed with concrete. He then fell and did not manage to get up in time.

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