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Dutchman electrocuted in Hua Hin freak accident

On the morning of November 19 Hua Hin police received reports of a freak accident at the home of a Dutch national.

The body of sixty-six year old Mr Horst Holker had been found floating, face up, in the swimming pool.

Investigating officers reviewed CCTV images and revealed that Mr Holker had been walking near his pool and slipped.

To prevent himself falling he grabbed on to a large plant pot but succeeded only in dragging that with him as he fell into the water.

Unfortunately a live electric light fixture attached to the plant was also dragged into the pool and the current appears to have electrocuted Mr Holker.

Paul Herrmann

Police are investigating the death of a German man whose body was found on Monday afternoon in his Kamala hotel room where Police also found a dozen empty antidepressant blister packs.

Kamala Police responded to a call from staff at the Kamala Beach Resort about 14:00 that afternoon. They discovered the body of the German national, Paul Herrmann, 48, lying face-up on the bed dressed in shorts and a T-shirt.

Investigating officer Pol Lt Somnuek Damkaew said there were no signs of a struggle in the room. It is believed the man had died around 4 hours before his body was discovered. On the desk in the hotel room, police found eleven used 10-pill strips of Quetiapine, an antidepressant mainly prescribed for the treatment of schizophrenia and bipolar disorder.

They also found several identification cards, 270 euros, 2840 baht, a pair of glasses, keys, a mobile phone together with air tickets showing that Mr Herrmann had entered Thailand on November 3. He was due to check out of the hotel and fly back to Frankfurt on November 16.

The chamber maid told police she routinely cleaned Mr Herrmann’s room every day and he had always let her in when she visited around 9:30 each morning. However, on that fateful morning when she knocked on his door, he shouted something in what she believed was German, and did not open the door.

“The maid returned and, again, received no response. After letting herself into the room about 12:30 to clean it, she found Mr Herrmann’s body,” Pol Lt Somnuek said. “We don’t know yet why he died,” he added.

The body was taken to Patong Hospital to determine the cause of death. The German Embassy has been informed of the death, Pol Lt Somnuek confirmed.

Li Jueng Gang

A brawl in Bangkok’s Huai Khwang district early Wednesday morning ended deadly for an elderly Chinese man. He had been tied up and ended up suffocated during his struggle to free himself.

The body of Li Jueng Gang, 61, was found beside an electric pole in front of 625/2 Pracha Rat Bamphen Rd at about 5:00. He was wearing an inside-out white and green striped T-shirt and blue underpants. His brown trousers were found nearby.

The face of Mr Gang showed several bruises while the arms and legs bore traces of having been tied up. According to Khiaw Wadee, a 28-year-old Laotian worker at a local cooking gas shop, the Chinese man entered a second-floor room where he and three other Lao workers were staying. The man shouted at them repeatedly. In the end, Mr Wadee and his roommates forced him out of the room.

He alleges that the Chinese man then took off his trousers, re-entered the room and punched him in the face. At this stage, the Lao workers turned on the Chinese man, tied him to the electric pole at the top of a nearby alley and called authorities.

Mr Khiaw said officials arrived to see the Chinese man struggling to free himself and then passing out. The man died before an ambulance arrived.

Pol Col Termphao Siriphubal, Chief of the Sutthisan police station, said they would question the four Laotian workers and look into the profile of the Chinese man amongst local Chinese associations and the Chinese Embassy.

Sergei Gorin

Police have yet to decide whether to charge a Frenchman for a fatal motorbike accident in Patong Wednesday afternoon that killed 32-year-old Russian national Sergei Gorin.

“I was informed of the incident at 14:00,” Pol Maj Teerasak Boonseng of the Patong Police told The Phuket News. The accident occurred in front of the Phuket Palace Resort on Sirirat Rd from Patong to Karon, he added.

The Frenchman suffered only minor injuries, but the Russian man’s injuries were much more severe. Mr Gorin was taken to Vachira Phuket Hospital but was pronounced dead at 21:40 the same day, Maj Teerasak said.

Maj Teerasak declined to reveal the Frenchman’s name or any details of the accident. He also refused to reveal whether the Frenchman or Mr Gorin’s remains were tested for drugs or alcohol. “We have not charged the Frenchman yet,”Maj Teerasak said. “I want to collect more information as the accident is still under investigation.”

The Phuket News has confirmed that the Russian Embassy has been notified of Mr Gorin’s death and are now working on locating and contacting his next of kin.

Anton Khokhlov

A wet road on the island of Koh Samui became deadly for a Russian when he fell off his scooter and was run over by a truck on Wednesday afternoon.

Bo Phut Provincial Police Station was notified of the horrific accident at 14:30*. Pol Capt Sirichai Gamuni was assigned to the case and, along with rescue volunteers and emergency physicians, quickly made their way to the scene.

The crash had taken place on Koh Samui’s ring road (Highway 4169) in Moo 4 Maret subdistrict, about 50 metres north of The Cliff. “The street was slippery from the rain. A white delivery truck was parked on the side,” Pol Capt Sirichai described the scene as he arrived on the scene.

Stuck underneath the front wheels was the body of the man who the police later identified as Anton Khokhlov, 32. He was already dead. Mr Khokhlov’s scooter, a rented Honda PCX 150 with the number plate 1 กญ 6692 Surat Thani, had skidded into the traffic barrier during the crash.

Officers talked to Mahama Uma, the 32-year-old driver of the white Chevrolet truck (ผก 1394 Surat Thani). He said he had been delivering food to a beach-side restaurant nearby when the accident happened.

When he reached a curve, he saw Mr Khokhlov’s scooter sliding over the wrong line and then crashing into his truck. “I hit the breaks, but there was not enough time to stop,” Mr Mahama said to the police. Mr Khokhlov’s body was thrown under the truck and ended up stuck to the wheels.

Authors of the English-Russian website talked to representatives of ThaiMoto, the company where Mr Khokhlov had rented his scooter. According to them, he had rented the vehicle on November 13. Mr Khokhlov’s social media profile indicated that he had arrived on the island the same day.

Pol Capt Sirichai is now going to listen to eyewitness accounts and confirms if the accident had happened the way Mr Mahama described it. No charges have been pressed against the driver so far.

Victor George Alberts

An Australian national died when his car collided with a pickup truck and plunged down a roadside embankment.

Ho Kham Provincial Police Station was notified of a road accident involving four people, including a foreigner, on Thursday morning. Pol Capt Sanuton Namo took over the investigation. The crash occurred between kilometre 20 and 21 on Chayangkul Rd or Highway 212 in Bueng Kan’s Khai Si subdistrict.

When police and rescue workers arrived, they found a yellow Mitsubishi pickup truck with a severely damaged front end on the side of the road. Neither the driver of this vehicle nor his two passengers sustained any major injuries as a result of the crash.

However, police found a second car a good 20 metres down a slope by the roadside. The left side of the white Honda City (license plate 1กค 9425 Bangkok) had been wrecked: the front end and back door had caved in.

On the passenger seat, police found the lifeless body of Victor George Alberts, a 55-year-old Australian. “Mr Alberts was still strapped in his seatbelt and had sustained severe injuries to his skull and face,” said Pol Capt Sanuton describing the condition in which rescue workers had found the deceased.

Police interviewed residents who had witnessed the accident. According to them, Mr Albert’s car was coming from the west at high speed. Just before a small bridge, he overtook a scooter, driving in the lane with oncoming vehicles.

“The accident occurred on a bend in the road,” Pol Capt Sanuton said. The yellow pickup truck, which was coming from the other direction, was unable to swerve away from Mr Albert in time and ended up slamming into the passenger-side of his car.

A forensic examination at Bueng Kan Hospital has been scheduled to confirm the official cause of death. Police have notified the Australian Embassy so that they can forward the tragic news to his relatives.

Unnamed Chinese

A Chinese tourist has drowned while swimming in the sea near an island in the Tarutao National Marine Park on Thursday afternoon.

The 47-year-old man, whose name was withheld pending notification of relatives, was wearing a life vest when he went swimming between Koh Ro Kloi and Koh Kin Sorn, about 90 kilometres off Satun mainland. The islands are part of the marine park in Satun’s Koh Sarai subdistrict.

A little later, his friends noticed he had been floating face-up for a long time. When they swam to his help, they found him unconscious. The friends then called the local marine police who rushed him to Satun Hospital where he was pronounced dead.

Pol Lt Col Charnwit Srirai, Chief of Koh Lipe police in Muang district, said the incident was reported about 13:00 on Friday. The dead man had arrived in the area with six friends on Thursday, he said.

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