Monday, 28 November 2016

11/28/2016 03:50:00 pm
A foreign motorcyclist living in the North East has posted a video of an interaction with cops where he claimed he was fined above the rate for being a foreigner.

And not just that - the charge was that his exhaust was noisy while he had in fact just bought the bike from the manufacturer and not had it souped up.

The farang getting in on the police corruption act made popular by Thais recently posted his experiences on the Facebook page "Farang Baan Nok" (Caucasian westerner living in the countryside).

He said that he was on his way to work in downtown Khon Kaen. He was called over by cops who slapped him with a hefty 1,000 baht fine for having a noisy exhaust.


But he said he had only just got the bike from the manufacturer and it had not been adjusted.

A picture of the ticket was also posted along with the motorcyclist in helmet and sunglasses.

A subsequent explanation reported by from the man said that he was willing to pay fines but the police seemed to make up the rate themselves.

It was not the same rate as being paid by Thai motorcyclists at the same checkpoint.

Earlier he had posted: "Living in the city for the first day. Police asks for 1,000 baht because he things that I'm foreigner (sic)".

He asked onliners to share the story to a wider audience.

Thais commenting were less surprised by the man being called over though they raised their eyebrows at the rate charged.

The man who has not been named spoke Thai in the video with a distinctive north eastern accent.

Source: Jobkhao

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