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12/14/2016 03:45:00 pm
Australian woman, 23, claims she was raped by tuk tuk driver and his friend in Bangkok – but Thai police doubt her story ‘because she reported it too fast’

Young woman claims she was raped by her tuk tuk driver in Bangkok, Thailand..!!

Police say her story is ‘unlikely’ because she reported it to police ‘too fast’..!!

The 23-year-old Australian was on holiday when the alleged assault took place..!!

Senior Thai police have publicly denied the allegations of a young Australian woman who says she was raped by her tuk tuk driver and his friend while in Bangkok.

The 23-year-old woman claims she was raped beside an abandoned building after hopping on the bike at around 3.40 am on Khaosan Road – but police say the incident was reported too quickly to be ‘likely’.

‘If there was a sexual assault, it would have taken her longer [to get to the police station],’ Pol. Col. Thanawat told.

A young woman, pictured, claims she was raped by her tuk tuk driver in Thailand – but police have released CCTV footage of her which they say proves her story is unlikely.

The young woman is seen walking with a man – presumed to be a tourist – shortly before asking a tuk tuk driver for a ride.

‘Besides, at the time she claimed the assault took place, she was seen on Khaosan Road,’ he added.

The police officer said it can take up to 25 minutes for a tuk tuk to travel from Khaosan Road to the abandoned building where the alleged rape took place.

He also explained CCTV cameras place the tourist with the bike and its rider just four minutes before she entered the police station.

The young Australian arrived at the police station on the back of a motorbike – after fleeing from her alleged attackers.

Police say the young woman’s story is ‘unlikely’ because there was only 40 minutes between her hopping on the tuk tuk and reporting the crime to police

Police are looking for the tuk tuk driver involved as well as the local who reportedly helped her. They expect rape test results back today.

Meanwhile, Pol. Lt. Gen. Sanit Mahathavorn, Commander of the Metropolitan Police, said they are working to complete the investigation quickly as it ‘effects the reputation of Thailand’.

Police have released CCTV footage of the woman which appears to show her with another tourist shortly before she caught a lift on the tuk tuk.

Part of the rape kit analysis will determine the race of the woman’s attacker if any bodily fluids are found, local media report.

Police working on the investigation says it is having an effect of the ‘reputation of Thailand’

Source: Morning News

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