Tuesday, 27 December 2016

12/27/2016 03:43:00 pm
A Belgian man suffering from cancer felt he could no longer cope with the pain from the disease and decided to end his life. He shot himself at his home in Chiang Mai.

Pol Lt Col Mondri Jotbut, the investigating officer from San Sai Provincial Police Station, confirmed the death of Mr Bruno Danilo Musso, a 57-year-old man from Belgium. Police were made aware of the incident after his body was discovered by his girlfriend and the landlord, Pol Lt Col Mondri said.

“We found Mr Musso sitting on a chair with a gunshot wound to his head, most likely self-inflicted,” said Pol Lt Col Mondri describing the grisly scene. “We also found a 9mm pistol and a bullet casing on the floor”. He added, “There were no signs that a crime had taken place.”

Upon arriving at Mr Musso’s rented house in Chiang Mai’s San Phranet subdistrict, police met his distressed girlfriend, Ms Wilai Dangmi, 39, who told police that she received a telephone call from Mr Musso at 13:46 during which he was talking about killing himself.

Ms Wilai, who was in a different district at the time of the call decided to rush directly to Mr Musso’s house. “She told us that she arrived at 15:45,” Pol Lt Col Mondri said. She tried to gain access, but could not enter the house because all the doors were locked.

Fearing that Mr Musso had followed through with his plan, she contacted the landlord who arrived at about 16:30. “The owner opened the door, and they both saw Mr Musso’s dead body,” said Pol Lt Col Mondri summarising their testimonies.

Further investigation into the case revealed that Mr Musso had been suffering from cancer and was in constant and chronic pain. He had just returned to Chiang Mai after undergoing treatment in a different country.

Police think they discovered a 36-second video which Mr Musso sent to his ex-wife before he shot himself. In the clip, Mr Musso, speaking in English, said that he felt abandoned. Pol Lt Col Mondri suggested that this further explains the circumstances of Mr Musso’s suicide.

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