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1. Canadian Found Dead At His Home.
2. Man falls to death from Pattaya condo.

3. Young Estonian tourist found dead in his rented apartment.

4. A long-term expatriate from the US committed suicide.

5. Deadly collision that left one foreigner man dead.
6. Foreigner fell to his death from balcony.
7. Korean drowned while snorkeling.
8. Swedish committed suicide by slashing his wrist and legs.
9. Foreigner died after falling through the roof of a temple.
10. Tourist killed in car accident.

1. Canadian Found Dead At His Home

A 57-year-old Canadian man was found dead at his home in on Saturday morning with Thai media reporting the cause of death may have been due to the cold weather and alcohol abuse.

The man, identified as Calvin Myers, was found early Saturday morning by his maid who arrived for work at his rented home in Mae Hia, where he stayed alone.

She called emergency services upon discovering the Canadian laid face down on his bed.

A medical examiner at the scene said Mr Myers, who worked in the oil industry, had been dead less than 12 hours and he likely died of a heart attack brought on by a combination of cold weather, alcohol abuse and other underlying medical problems.

The body was sent to Maharaj Nakorn Chiang Mai Hospital for an autopsy and the Canadian embassy informed.

2. Foreigner man falls to death from Pattaya condo

A man fell to his death from a condominium building in Pattaya’s Bang Lamung area early on Friday morning.

A security guard at View Talay 6 Pattaya Beach Condominium on Pattaya Sai Song Road in Bang Lamung district reported the fall to police about 4.30am.

The body of the man, in his mid-30s, was found on the ground in the car park of the sea-view condominium.

A Malaysian passport was found in his clothing. His name was withheld pending notification of relatives.

It was not known if the deceased man was a resident of the building. Police were investigating.

3. Young Estonian tourist found dead in his rented apartment.

A cocaine overdose is the most likely cause of death of a young Estonian tourist found his rented apartment.

A maid discovered the body on Wednesday at 17:10 when she entered the apartment (239/116) to clean it. “She found a man’s body lying on the floor on his side,” said Pol Capt Chanut Bantong, the officer assigned to investigate the death.

The deceased was later identified as Gregor Poldevere, a 20-year-old tourist from Estonia. “The air conditioning was still running when we entered the room,” Pol Capt Chanut told Thai media. “The body was already in the process of decomposing which suggests the victim had been dead for several days.”

Officers were surprised to discover one kilogramme of a white powder in the middle of the dining table together with a small set of scales, a steel spoon, a black wallet and a wet tissue. Police believe the white powder to be cocaine. The bed was found untouched and did not appear to have been slept in on the day of discovery and there was no indication that a crime had taken place, Pol Capt Chanut said.

Further investigation into the case revealed that Mr Poldevere had checked into the apartment located in Rayong’s Tapthong subdistrict on December 18. He was due to check out on December 21, the day he was found.

Pol Lt Bonwattana Muensaen, who works as a forensic scientist, said that it was too early to say what had actually killed Mr Poldevere, but admitted that a cocaine overdose seems likely. Since the body was already decomposing, he surmised that Mr Poldevere died on the very day of his arrival.

Police have requested an autopsy to confirm the cause of death to light. Meanwhile, the white powder found on the dining table is being forensically analysed.

4. A long-term expatriate from the US committed suicide.

A long-term Phuket expatriate from the US committed suicide by slashing his throat. His body was discovered by his wife.

On December 20 at around 21:00, the wife of Mr Ruszbach Chlaszlo Gyorgy, 62, made a distress call to the police saying that she had found her American husband dead on the bathroom floor inside the house they were living in. Officers from ChalongProvincial Police Station and rescue volunteers were dispatched to the scene of the incident.

Arriving at 95/26 Soi Houypru in Phuket’s Rawai subdistrict, rescue workers first had to take care of the wife who had passed out briefly from the shock she received after finding her dead husband. She was sent to Wachira Phuket Hospital for treatment.

Meanwhile, police officers entered the bathroom and found the body of Mr Gyorgy. Covered in blood, he was lying on the tiled bathroom floor under the sink only wearing underwear. His throat showed three deep cuts which police assume to have caused the death. They also found a blood-stained cutter and bagged it as evidence.

Investigators talked to close friends of Mr Gyorgy who revealed that the couple had been married and living on the island for several years. One of them, who police declined to name, said that Mr Gyorgy often complained about financial problems and having trouble with his family.

Police assume that Mr Gyorgy was no longer able to cope with the stress and decided to end his life while his wife was away from the house. When she returned, she made the shocking discovery that her husband had killed himself and called the police.

5. Deadly collision that left one foreigner man dead.

Police have yet to file any charges over a deadly collision that left one Russian man dead and another with head injuries and a broken leg.

The accident occurred on the busy Thepkrasattri Rd in Koh Kaew subdistrict at about 17:00 on Monday afternoon. Police arrived to find the two Russian men on the ground.Roman Melekhin, 25, was unresponsive with head and neck injuries. He was taken to Thalang Hospital, where he was pronounced dead.

Roman Melekhin, 25, was unresponsive and had sustained severe injuries to his head and neck. He was taken to Thalang Hospital where he was pronounced dead. His companion, Maksim Burmatov, 28, was conscious but suffered a head injury and a fractured leg.

Some metres further, police found a wrecked Honda Click scooter that the men were riding. Parked on the pavement was the other vehicle involved in the deadly crash, a Toyota Camry taxi with damage to its left front end.

The 38-year-old driver of the cab, Nattawat Thongthapae told police that he was driving from the airport in the middle lane when the accident happened. “We were told that the Russian men were riding their scooter in the left lane,” said investigating Pol Capt Sunan Pethnu.

“The accident happened when the scooter driver allegedly swerved in front of the taxi to cross the lanes to make the u-turn,” he said. “Mr Nattawat said he tried to brake to avoid the collision but could not do so in time.”

Police did not find helmets at the scene, Pol Capt Sunan confirmed. Authorities have already informed the Russian Embassy of Mr Melekhin’s death and brought Mr Nattawat to Thalang Provincial Police Station for further questioning.

So far, no charges have been filed while police are still investigating.

6. Foreigner fell to his death from balcony.

A man fell to his death from the balcony of a hotel in the early hours of Tuesday morning in what police are calling an accident.

Emergency officials and police found 31-year-old Kadir Kemal Ozan Kayan lifeless body just before 01:00. He had apparently fallen from the balcony of his room on the fifth floor at the Urbana Langsuan: a 36-storey hotel on Langsuan Rd in Lumpini subdistrict.

The deceased was wearing only boxer shorts. An emergency physician at King Chulalongkorn Memorial Hospital confirmed that both the victim’s legs had been severely fractured and he had a smashed nose. His wife, also a Turkish national, was found cradling their infant and crying next to the body.

Investigating officer Pol Capt Nattapon Lodongbang of Lumpini Police Station said the man and his family arrived in Thailand on Sunday and checked into their room, 507 on the fifth floor. The victim reportedly went out drinking on Monday evening, returning to the hotel at about 22:00.

Pol Capt Nattapon said Mr Keyan had gone out on to the balcony while his wife was looking after their child and later apparently fell from it. Mrs Keyan told police that when she heard the sound of the impact, she went out to the balcony, saw that her husband had fallen and immediately called the authorities.

The investigation into the case is still ongoing, Pol Capt Nattapon said. “We’re still waiting for the autopsy results to see whether he was drunk when he fell, so I can’t say for certain yet.” Until evidence is found, the death is being treated as an unfortunate accident.

7. Korean drowned while snorkeling.

A newly-wedded Korean couple’s honeymoon came to a tragic end when the groom drowned while snorkelling at Koh He this morning.

The tourist police received reports of the incident from Vachira Phuket Hospital representatives at around 10:00.

The 33-year-old tourist, named Jeong Yong Soo, and his wife arrived in Phuket on December 12, two days after their wedding. On Monday morning, they booked a snorkelling trip through a local tour operator to the island of Koh He in Phuket’s Rawai subdistrict.

“The tour guide, as well as boat crew, reportedly tried to convince Mr Soo to wear a life- jacket, but he refused,” said Phuket Tourist Police Chief Naruewat Puttawiro. “His wife called for help a little after he jumped into the sea to snorkel. The boat crew administered recovered him from the water and administered CPS, but to no avail.”

The Korean embassy has already been informed of Mr Soo’s death.

8. 51-year old Swedish national committed suicide by slashing his wrist and legs.

A 51-year old Swedish national committed suicide by slashing his wrist and legs. He bled to death in his hotel.

Pol Maj Sadet Gaeosingtong, an investigator at Mueang Ubon Ratchathani Provincial Police Station assigned to the case said a housemaid reported the gruesome finding. At around 15:00, a team of police officers, emergency physicians and rescue volunteers were sent to the hotel where the incident took place.

Pol Maj Sadet Gaeosingtong declined from revealing the name of the hotel to the media, but said it was located Nai Mueang subdistrict of Ubon Ratchathani province. On the second floor of the hotel, police tried to gain access to room number 224 and ended up having to break it down because it was locked from the inside.

Once inside the room, police found the lifeless body of Mr Nord Per Ove, 51, from Sweden. He was lying face-up on his bed wearing a grey t-shirt and navy blue jeans. While examining the body, police noticed deep lacerations on Mr Ove’s wrist and both legs. The sheets and the clothes he was wearing were saturated with blood.

In the same room, police also found what they believed to be the instrument used to effect this apparent suicide: a blood-stained razor blade. No items had been stolen, and no signs of a struggle were visible. An emergency physician from Sunpasitthiprasong Hospital estimated Mr Ove had been dead for around 12 hours.

Police interviewed the maid who had informed the police of the death. She said that Mr Ove had checked in into the hotel on December 5 and the last time she saw him was two days later at around 11:00 when he was paying to stay for another night.

When Mr Ove failed to check out on December 9, a hotel employee made several calls to his room but without success. Later, a maid went up to his room and knocked. As she did not hear any noises inside the room, she used her master key to open the door. However, the door had been locked and chained from the inside, preventing her from entering.

Through the crack in the door, she was able to see part of the room. “That’s when she saw a lot of blood and decided to call us,” Pol Maj Sadet said. No suicide note was found in the room and the body has been sent by rescue workers to Sunpasitthiprasong Hospital for further examination.

9. Foreigner died after falling through the roof of a temple.

Police in Pattaya are trying to establish the identity of a man who died after falling through the roof of a temple in Pattaya, Chon Buri province.

When Mr Enok Chiaobun, 78, heard a loud bang from the empty canteen of Wat Chai Mongkon on Monday morning, he expected the worst. Thinking that someone might have broken in into the temple, Mr Enok, an employee at the temple, called security.

However, when Mr Enok and the guards entered the canteen, they immediately realised that there was no intruder. Instead, they found a dead man lying face-down on the tiled floor. His skull had been visibly fractured and he was surrounded by a pool of blood.

After notifying the police of this unexpected finding, Mueang Pattaya Provincial Police Station sent Pol Lt Kwankao Inawang to investigate the case at the temple on South Pattaya Rd. “The man had no identification documents on him, so we don’t know his name, age or nationality,” Pol Lt Kwankao said, adding that she estimated the man was between 35 and 40 years old.

On the roof above the body, police noted a large hole which the man had most likely crashed through. Police are in the process of identifying the deceased and investigating the circumstances to establish whether the fall was an accident or suicide.

10. Tourist killed in car accident.

A tourist was killed and two others injured when a car crashed into a tree standing in a ditch in Khanu Waralaksaburi district late on Sunday night.

Pol Lt Awut Guedyindi, who has been assigned to investigate the case, told local media that the fatal crash occurred on Phahon Yothin Road in Kamphaeng Phet’s Don Daeng subdistrict at around 22:00 on Sunday. According to an emergency phone call to police that night, at least one person had died and two others severely injured.

Pol Lt Awut, other officers from Khanu Waralaksaburi Provincial Police Station and additional rescue volunteers were immediately dispatched to the scene, Moo 7, where they found a very badly damaged silver Honda car with the license plate ษก 4157 Bangkok in a ditch next to the road.

Three men in a life-threatening condition were found trapped inside the wreckage of the sedan. Two of them, Mr Zhou Wu Shou (50) and Mr Shan Wan Ho (51) were rushed to Khanu Woralaksaburi Hospital. The 48-year-old driver of the car, Mr Xiao Deng, had already died by the time rescue workers arrived.

Pol Lt Awut has already determined that the three tourists had rented the car while on a business trip in the province. Investigators surmise that, while approaching a road curve at speed, the driver lost control, the car violently swerved off the road and ended up in the ditch.

The investigation continues.

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