Wednesday, 25 January 2017

1/25/2017 04:51:00 pm
Worried Bangkokians were spooked by an online rumor that the capital city was going to be submerged under water by as soon as 2020.

But it turns out that news of Bangkok's demise was a bit premature.

However, the end may come one day and the authorities must do what they can to protect the city.

And besides, a great flood like the one experienced in 2011 is inevitable and will happen sooner rather than later, said a top expert.

The rumors came after comments made by Dr Seri Suparasit, an expert on flooding but he has clarified his remarks with Thai News Agency in a video to quell the alarm.
The expert said that Bangkok would not disappear as early as 2020. But in 100 years it was another matter. He said that water levels rising because of global warming could see them at one meter above today's levels.

And that could make Bangkok truly be the Venice of the East.

The government needs to make sure that flood prevention measures are made for the future. There are other cities around the world facing much worse than Bangkok - the authorities can do it in Bangkok if the will is there, said Dr Seri.

But on the subject of another great flood like the one in 2011 that saw great swathes of the capital under flood waters for several months he said that this kind of thing was cyclical.

"It is inevitable that that will happen again," he said.

A video was made of the comments that cautioned that people should be careful what they share online as "truth" when it is merely rumor.

Source: Thai News Agency

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