Thursday, 5 January 2017

1/05/2017 08:17:00 pm
There is a foreigner who is pointing to an electric pole in Soi Buakhao that it is balancing on his joint and every moment can overwhelm, the foreigner is even equally inclined to designate the break in the lamppost.

I'll bring it a bit cynical because I think that at this level there are hundreds of thousands hazards in Pattaya, just think of sidewalks or of that electricity's cables when touching there cozy paste steadily.

I would not like to mention the charm of Thailand, but it should be there a bit!

The foreign man pointing the community for a potential danger, he probably has run into an unguarded moment at the same inclined lamppost and must bleed someone or something..Sans Resentment!!

But the big culprit is these decades standing lamp at the foot he seems to be broken after a coach when starting at a well known hotel in Soi Buakhao had this hit, the conscious pole is now being held up by what appears to be some thin wires and it would fall over any time of the day can be the pure reality.

On inquiry it was found that there had been some officials of the municipality Pattaya to assess the situation, and some take pictures of, as yet they have no action to remedy this dangerous situation.

Source: Manager

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