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1. British woman, 26, found dead in room on Phuket’s Muay Thai street.
2. Farang Vandals Pulling Down Thai Flags.
3. American Man Ignores Warning Signs, Falls To His Death At Waterfall.
4. Foreign Gang Nabbed For String Of House Robberies.
5. Farangs seen on CCTV casually stealing motorbike.
6. Japanese man committed suicide by hanging himself in a room of a Pattaya hotel.

1. British woman, 26, found dead in room on Phuket’s Muay Thai street.

Lt Somkiet Sarasit, an inspector from Chalong Police Station, told The Phuket News today “I received information that a British woman had been found dead earlier this morning. Her partner found her dead in the room.

“I am currently dealing with another incident but will deal with this incident as soon as I become available,” he said.

Phuket Ruamjai Rescue Foundation Chief Saiyan Thamaphan added, “We knew about this death at 6am today when we were informed by the people staying in the next room to the couple.

“The woman’s boyfriend asked us to revive her but it was not possible because her irises were not responding to light and her skin was getting dark.

“When I arrived at the room a man was trying to administer CPR in the room beside the door. We also noticed a rolled up bed sheet on the floor,” he said.

The body of the woman has been taken to Vachira Phuket Hospital and the British Consul in Phuket has been notified of the incident.

2. Farang Vandals Pulling Down Thai Flags.

CCTV footage capturing two young foreign men pulling down a row of Thai flags has gone viral on Facebook with most wanting the pair of vandals hung, drawn and quartered for their antics.

The two men were walking past Sunny Fashion in Krabi when one decides it would be a good idea to tear down a flag. Not wanting to be outdone, his bellend buddy then goes about pulling down another three flags.

No doubt the pair will be tracked down in the next 24 hours and paraded in front of the cameras apologising for being a couple of twats.

3. American Man Ignores Warning Signs, Falls To His Death At Waterfall.

An American tourist fell to his death at a waterfall in Uthai Thani province on Friday after ignoring warning signs not to climb on the rocks.

Edward Yakos, 57, from Chicago, Illinois, fell from a height of around 25 meters when he slipped after climbing up the rocks at Cyber Waterfall in Huai Khot district.

When emergency services arrived at the scene divers went into the deep water and took several hours to recover the body that was found by a doctor to have a deep 10cm wound on the skull.

The deceased was holidaying in Thailand with his family over the Xmas and New year holidays arriving in Uthai Thani on Thursday after spending several days in Pattaya.

His wife Nanthana Yakos told police her husband and another younger family member had went climbing up the rocks knowing the risks having seen the warning signs. After around 20 minutes he plunged to his death.

A park ranger said accidents are common despite many signs in both English and Thai warning of the dangers.

4. Foreign Gang Nabbed For String Of House Robberies.

A gang of foreigners were busted on Friday following a string of house robberies in provinces surrounding Bangkok.

The five men, from Turkey and Pakistan, admitted to breaking into homes in Pathum Thani, Nonthaburi and Samut Prakan stealing safes and valuables.

Following an investigation by the Immigration Bureau, four of the gang were arrested at a motel in the Sai Mai district of the capital where they had taken the safes they’d stolen using a rented car.

159 items were seized by police including jewellery, cash, credit cards and mobile phones.

They told investigators two of the men would smash a window and break in while two accomplices acted as lookouts with the fifth man acting as the getaway driver.

One of the gang had fled before police arrived with investigators saying a warrant had been issued for his arrest.

It also came to light several members of the gang had been arrested in 2012 and served time in Bang Kwang Central Prison until their release in early 2016 when they were deported. Thai media didn’t mention what they had been sent down for only they’d been blacklisted and re-entered the country illegally.

All four were remanded pending further legal proceedings and it looks like another stint in the monkey house is on the cards.

5. Farangs seen on CCTV casually stealing motorbike.

Police have given up on trying to catch two farangs that “borrowed” a motorbike from in front of a barber shop in Patong, Phuket on Wednesday evening. They were clearly seen on CCTV but have not been located on the island.

They are most likely vacationers that have since left the area.

After casually stealing the bike from where it was parked on Nanai Road, the two young, white men simply drove to their destination on Phra Metta Road, neatly parked beside a police booth, abandoned the stolen bike and walked off.

Bike owner Anan Detruang reported on Wednesday that his motorbike had been stolen from in front of his barber shop on Nanai Road.

“Anan said that he had left the key in the motorbike. When he came out, his motorbike was gone. So he checked the CCTV for the building and saw that two foreigners had turned up outside his shop at about 10pm,” explained Col. Somsak Thongklieng of the Patong Police.

Police quickly found the motorbike parked by the police booth on Phra Metta Road, with the keys still in it, and Anan collected it.

Police tried to track down the two foreign joyriders, but the trail soon went cold, said Col. Somsak.

6. Japanese man committed suicide by hanging himself in a room of a Pattaya hotel.

Pol Capt Prakasit Paladet, inspector of BangLamung police station, was notified that a body was found dead in a hotel room. After notification the police officers and rescue team were immediately sent to inspect the scene.

At the location the officers found a dead body of Mr Shinya Oguchi aged 45 from Japan hung on the ceiling in the bathroom. There was no trace of foul play in the scene reportedly. Later the body was sent to keep in Bang Lamung hospital.

Initially, the officers questioned hotel staff who told that Mr Shinya had stayed for a few days and he had to check-out today. In the afternoon of incident day, he didn’t come to check out so the owner told a housemaid to check his room and the dead body was found inside.

It’s expected that he might be depressed and stress so he committed suicide. However, the official would inform the embassy about the incident further.

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